14 thoughts on “XM551 Sheridan Official Renders

      1. Anonymous says:

        That’s dumb. From what google tells me, there were other prototypes that were closer to the finished product. They seem to have chosen the worst one.


    1. Nocomment says:

      I bet if anything it will be buffed. If its to be bumped to T9. it will need something as will most of the current t8 lights.

      Also this thing appears to have a 9 second reload on the derp splatter cannon as opposed to 21 seconds on the T49.


  1. wolvenworks says:

    hmm…..prototype? i see the X there the yankees use for their modern prototypes. prolly so they don’t get confused with soviet thanks (old prototypes use T, like the T34, T1 Heavy, T95, etc)


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