15 comments on “T-100 Official Renders

  1. skivster says:

    Looks like “Who-the-fuck-knows-what”, or more German-y than russian.
    STILL it looks pretty neat

  2. Kehldon says:

    It looks like a turd and the gun depressions is going to be awesome…

  3. Looks like a really tasty looking pancake. Me want.

  4. SMGJohn says:

    The most OP light tank with 120mm frontal armour and 180mm turret armour with better slopes than than the fall of American economy

    • Shishkin says:

      Be happy it doesn’t have its real armor, wg actualy dumbed down the armor to make it even possible to implement it, because in real life the T-100 would have composite glacis armor with 430-450 mm RHA equivalent

    • At least it’s not 170mm on the hull as the real plans say.

      • SMGJohn says:

        They might as well, those waffletractors are gonna fire gold at you, need to bounce

      • Shishkin says:

        The source i have states it clearly its composite and even has drawings which clearly shows the multiple layers of armor and armor values, my source is in russian but i translated it,(roughly) it says :

        ” Under the project, the body of the tank was welded from rolled steel plates. The upper frontal part was combined armor (steel + fiberglass + steel) with 430-450 mm protection ”

        The drawing provides the following armor values for the upper plate: 70 mm+100 mm+12 mm obviously this means : 70 mm RHA+100 mm fiberglass+12 mm RHA

        Original text from my source :

        “По проекту, корпус танка сваривался из катаных стальных листов. Верхняя лобовая деталь имела комбинированную броневую защиту (сталь + стеклопластик + сталь) с приведенной защищающей толщиной 430-450 мм”

        my source :
        Техника и вооружение: вчера, сегодня, завтра. Москва: Техинформ, 2010, №07
        page 46-47


      • Thanks, I might have the same blueprint from the same book you got your information from.

  5. If we flatten a normal tanks. it is a light tank

  6. wremisekrummels says:

    so that “light” sovjet tank is bigger as a medium tank?

  7. Aditya says:

    Looks awesome

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