11 comments on “Some Level 3 and 5 Christmas/New Year Decoration Recipes.

  1. MM says:

    pretty much useless

  2. Seems like tier 4~>5. use 1 Snowitzer + 4 tree items. Get tier 5 Snowitzer of same type as one used. Could be handy.

  3. Peter says:

    They’re on sale from 30th, does anyone know what the cost is likely to be??

  4. Peter says:

    Also Sirstink, might be worth working on the basis that the first item (Snowitzer or tree bauble) will dictate the ‘type’ of higher tier bauble returned.

    Can’t hurt until we know different.

  5. Buscamuertes says:

    Hi. Why do we complete with more recipes with help of ours clans and complete this post for all the players?

  6. Peter says:

    I don’t think this theory works, it seems totally random…roll on 30th if you want to complete level 10

  7. Anonymous says:

    5 lvl 5 gives out 1 random lvl 5, now thats a scam, should be at least 3 , or some people could never do the last missions

  8. Anonymous says:

    any way to post for level 5 tree skirts … all I have left to get

  9. JohnnyTexas says:

    The fourth one down does NOT work. thanks for wasing my time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i am one tier 5 away from completing this but keep getting the same tier 5 over and over. just need tier 5 cammo for my Snowitzer. How do i get it?

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