8 comments on “9.17 Server Maintenance

  1. Anonymous says:

    RU only?

  2. And will likely be propagated to the other servers…?

  3. siralexice says:

    Of course no announcement for EU server.

  4. Wulf Corbett says:

    Jut had mini-update on the EU server t 0415 UK time.

  5. NIKLAS says:

    I really hope their dont change tiers of the current light tanks… i played so many games in the tier 8s, so i really dont want to see them moved to tier 9 just to have my performance in them completely ruined

  6. thebugmonster says:

    NA just had a mini update 1:00 am Pacific time

  7. Anonymous says:

    Asia had a mini update also today, no mention of content and client version has not changed

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