6 comments on “Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch.

  1. thesherbet says:

    cheiftan is so much more interesting to listen to than challenger. Shame he joined the yanks lol

  2. mredweird says:

    Just noticed that the markings on the side of the new Conqueror model look like the british army crest – like on the Centennial T95 on console … maybe it was meant to be a celebratory tank for the 100 years of tanks for PC.


  3. Anonymous says:

    “rita’s status report” I know she gave some of the load to others but fucking hell, the last post was 29 posts ago

  4. I totally hate the Stridsvagn m/42. I can’t hit a barn from the inside if I don’t aim for ages. (Crew is not good though.) Drives me MAD!

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