23 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. Testarossa says:

    On the deck of the Avrora it appears

  2. Vedrano says:

    All my money i spend went straight to his fat-belly…

  3. PeterSmith says:

    Cant be happy with trump in whitehouse, ww3 here we come!

  4. Lunatics from Minsk says:

    Please clean the trash on Aurora’s deck.

  5. Testarossa says:

    You don’t understand. The Russians love Trump. On the other hand HRC is the Devil

  6. Robert says:

    Happy New Year to the whole team !!!!

  7. OopsAA says:

    Happy New year Rita…..best wishes for 2017

  8. James k says:

    Is Rita done with this now?
    Haven’t seen her post for a while……

  9. Žilvinas says:


  10. morganakis_gr says:

    happy new year more greed to wargaming!!!! more milking the eu customers

  11. I swear, it is the cruiser Aurora!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Serb is a faggot

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