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Swedish tanks part 30: Strv M/46 & TLP-47


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Perhaps one of the least well understood periods in Swedish tank design took place in the years of 1946 and 1947. During this time the Swedish army was still unsure of what role the tank would play after ww2, but they knew a new tank would be needed for the post war period. Based on work that had started during the war, preparations would be made for a future medium tank and tank destroyer but these projects would ultimately be discontinued only a few months after the start of their development.

Early ideas
As early as 1943 the Swedish army had started working on preparations for their next medium tank. Reports from Finland about captured T34´s had shown that even the most modern Swedish tanks were lacking in regards to firepower and armor protection, largely tanks to a 20 ton weight limit that had been in place during their development. A weight limit of 30 tons was chosen for the new tank despite mobility concerns to avoid this problem from happening again. Due to the need to get the 30 ton ready as soon as possible work had started on the basis of a reinforced and enlarged Strv m/42 chassis, the tank would also make use of the “Delat torn” turret in development for the Strv m/42. These early ideas/drafts for a 30 ton tank had been named “Pricken” by Landsverk who was handling the development of the vehicle.

“Pricken” as of 1944
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WoT Console 3.5 Server Downtime

Good day everyone,

Server downtimes have been posted for World of Tanks Console Update 3.5:

PS4: 10:00 UTC, 04:00 CST, 02:00 PST January 31st 2017

XBOX: 12:00 UTC, 06:00 CST, 04:00 PST January 31st 2017

After that, 3.5 will be live, bringing with it some minor balance changes and enhanced physics (followed by maniacal laughter as everybody relearns how to drive).