14 comments on “World of Tanks 2017 Overview

  1. 2goxd says:


  2. DeadArashi says:

    No matter how many times it I still hate what WG plan to do with the German HT line. I say leave it as is if they aren’t smart enough to think of a way to improve the HT line without making their fake VK72.01 a regular tank

  3. wtfcaniuse says:

    How about they fix reticles sticking to ridgelines, it’s only been an issue for years.

    • ShiftyOne says:

      I derp so many shots into the ground because of that, game wining shots are lost due to my reticle jumping up a full inch because I hovered over some object. It’s especially annoying when trying to shoot at someone who is firing through some window, as my reticle refuses to actually stay on the target.

  4. Rick says:

    Are we paying for Dolph too??

  5. Gojonnogo says:

    Sorry, what was that? I was watching the dancing ladies…

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