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Good day everyone, me and my friend Ragnarov2, came up with some ideas on how WG could fix some of the problems WoT has, while WG does have their own ideas, we still wanted to share our ideas with the goal to start a discussion in the comments below.
Also keep in mind that WG is likely to never see this and that these are merely our ideas of how things could be done, these ideas will likely never come into the game. So don’t go hating on us because we wrote something that you might not agree with, if you don’t agree with us let us know politely and maybe we could start a nice conversation.

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How to Fix Arty

As mentioned above, this is just a our view on how things could get fixed.
First of all let’s start with the most controversial class in World of Tanks: artillery! for artillery we use WGs attempt in fixing arty which means: low damage and the all new stun mechanic. While it’s hard to balance the damage you do and the stun time for snapshots, which is a pretty big problem.
Our version would make Artillery aim way quicker with a better accuracy and a quicker shell travel speed. While this would look like a substantial buff to Arty, the biggest part of our proposal is that arty would be able to charge it’s shots.
What this means is simply: Artillery would for example aim in 5 seconds, during these 5 seconds of aim time the damage is maybe a mere 10% of what it could do potentially. And afterwards there would be a charge time. Each second of charge time adds maybe 5-10% to it’s potential damage.
The Player has the choice to immediately click and do low damage and a short stun time. Or waits till the shot is halfway or fully charged and does similar damage to a TD or maybe 30%.
In addition Arty should not be able to penetrate it’s shots, it would not get any AP rounds. And in order to make this balanced, every player would be have Sixth sense by default, so they know when they’re spotted, so if they insist to stay in that location, they could get hit for 30% of their Hitpoints. In addition the stun duration also increases with each second of charging.
The only way to avoid this is to move, when arty moves the aim circle out of a certain area near the place where it first aimed, the Charge would reset so even slow tanks have a chance to outrun arty.
In addition there could be skills that could:
-Reduce the effect of the arty hit ( recieve less damage when hit and have a shorter stun duration)
-Increase the charging time for an artillery aiming near you
WG could also add various support shells like smoke screens and flares, which could also use the charge system in terms of how long they stay and what radius they cover.
I think that WGs own way of fixing arty is a good step in the right direction, but it wouldn’t solve the camping problem. If they add a similar system to what we have proposed they could remove most of the camping as then you would know when you’re spotted and you would get the chance to Avoid getting hit. So if you get hit for 30% of your HP you would know whose fault it would be.

Along with this arty should also receive a buff to the amount of xp and credits that they gain to bring them in line with the other classes

How to fix Premium ammo

In our Opinion, fixing premium ammo would require the complete removal of the current system of “Standard Ammo/Premium Ammo/HE” and instead replace it with 4 types of ammo available to all vehicles except SPGs.
The 4 types would be as follows:
AP ammo, being the “jack of all trades” I’d work pretty much like it does now, decent penetration, standard damage and a moderate penetration falloff at longer ranges (Probably similar to the way it was on the sandbox server).
APCR ammo would have the highest penetration at the cost of reduced damage and being almost completely useless at long ranges due to the significant penetration falloff.
HEAT ammo would be the sniper’s best friend, not losing any penetration at long range however it’d sacrifice a little bit of penetration compared to the AP rounds. Which makes it ineffective at close range compared to the AP rounds
HE rounds would stay pretty much as they are now.
HESH rounds would have much lower pen but high module damage and high normalisation (so they deal HE damage more consistently than normal HE ammo)
Having so many ammo types might cause a problem on some vehicles however that can be mitigated by increasing their ammo capacity slightly if needed to accommodate the increasing number of shell types.

While every vehicle would get these new ammo types (Excluding artillery of course) their penetration values would also be changed in order to allow heavy tanks to withstand everything but the biggest guns head on.
The general idea would be something along the lines of:
Light tanks would have a short reload time on their guns however their damage per shot would not be too high and their penetration would only allow them to use that rate of fire only if they manage to flank the enemy.
Mediums would be somewhere in between, not being able to outright penetrate a heavy tank head on however if they really have to they could by switching ammo types and in addition aiming for weak spots in the armor.
Heavy tanks would be capable of penetrating their peers even with the standard AP round as long as they know where to shoot.
TDs would be tasked with dealing with threats that are far away and with reliably penetrating heavy tanks their teams might have issues with thanks to the high penetration of their guns.

How to fix MM

MM has been and still is one of the major frustrations of this game, being matched up against vehicles you realistically have minimal chances of doing anything to (for example a T7 having to fight T9s) isn’t exactly fun for anyone.

Reducing the matchmaking to +/- 1 tier difference would probably solve most of those issues and make the games where you’re bottom tier less frustrating. (However this part should be disregarded if it turns out to considerably slow down the matchmaking times)

Another option would be to even out the HP, damage and penetration scaling over the tiers so even bottom tiered vehicles stand a chance, and don’t get one or two shotted (Especially on lower tiers like T4 and lower where getting one shotted by higher tier tanks is way too common)
This way the higher tier vehicles would still be superior over their lower tiered counterparts, however even if you’re lower tiered you’d stand a chance if you know what you’re doing.
Along with these changes, the artillery cap should be lowered to 2 per team in order to make life a little easier for the slower vehicles.


How to fix personal mission

The best way to deal with this Problem is to completely get rid of the old system. To many missions require pure luck, either you need to get the right mm or you need a team who knows what they’re doing. It also forces people to sometimes throw the game or deny the team to get more kills because some heavy tank needs to capture the enemy base.
I know a lot of people who have given up on even trying to get the vehicles. I myself am 1 Point away from getting the T-55A, i just never get the right mm to complete the mission.

The proposal we’ve come up with Works on a Token System and would include different things from WoWps Token system and WoWs loot containers.
The Idea is that the players can earn Tokens each battle depending how good they play and what tank they play.
So if you’re having a good game in the Batchat 25t then you’d get as an exemple 1000 MT Tokens and 1000 France Tokens, while a bad game in the E100 would give only 100 HT Tokens and 100 Germany Tokens.
In addition battle hero awards would also give Tokens. That way good players will be able to get the good stuff easier than bad players.
The Tokens could be exchanged for various goods in some sort of “Valor Shop” for special Valor Shop only Tanks, Special Camo, Female Crew, Premium Consumables, Gold, Free exp, etc.
To buy something in the Valor Shop could spend different Types of Tokens: The above mentioned Nation Tokens and Class tokens.
You would need to pay with for example 6 types of Tokens, 3 National tokens (from playing different nations, no matter which specific nations they are) and 3 Class tokens (No matter which class it actually is, as long as they’re 3 different ones)
So either 100 HT, 100 MT and 100 SPG, 100 Sweden, 100 USA and 100 USSR Tokens, that way the players could be motivated to play different Nations and Classes while not Forcing them to play to many Classes and Nations.
Which ones the Player does chose does not matter.
This system would promote good playing and yes, while this would give even the biggest tomato the chance to earn a tier 10 reward tank, however it would take a bad player a lot longer to receive a tier 10 Tank while a good player would have it relatively quick.
WG could also add a Supply Crate System similar to WoWs, you could receive them just like the Nation and Class tokens, however you could spend those Supply Tokens for different tiers of crates, each higher tiered crate costing a bit more than a lower tiered one, and each tier could get better Rewards. These supply crates could give regular premium tanks, regular unlimited camo and premium consumables etc.

So These were our ideas on how wg could fix certain things. and while WG is likely not gonna see this, it would still be interesting to see what you think about it, agree with our ideas or would you do some things different than us? Let us know in the Comments, let this be a nice a civil discussion.

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200 comments on “Let’s discuss

  1. crazytony0 says:

    I realy hope wg never reads this. At least half of you’re idea’s will make the game considerably worse.
    Yes there are problems with arty, mm, prem ammo and so on, but this is not how you fix it.
    If this would make it, i would stop after playing wot for 5 years.

  2. phdrvrba says:

    Can’t say I like most of those ideas.

    Nerf artillery alpha to lower the chance of one-shots & buff accuracy to get the RNG to reasonable values. Balance furterher with reload time/splash radius if needed.

    Tbh the current attempt to make artillery a debuff class can possibly end up with even more boring artillery as I have my doubts majority players will see debuffing as fun (if it will be directly noticeable at all).

    Ad premium ammo
    Don’t reward xp/credits for actions taken with premium ammo to further lower its attractiveness, even for people who don’t mind throwing money at it. Though I suppose this would come with caveats of its own.

    Damage output trade-off is probably workable, though I’d avoid changing anything else unless necessary.

    Ad MM
    Planned changes presented by WG in their 2017 plans sound nice and even now the MM is nothing catastrophic. +/-2 is fine.

    Ad perosnal missions.
    Core idea here is a reward that requires skill and cannot be grinded, so that’s a no-no right there. The issue is the amount of RNG in current requirements. Something connected to hero/epic medals might be interesting substitute for the most RNG-dependent missions.

  3. phdrvrba says:

    Also ad premium ammo.

    I was thinking about system where you cannot buy premium ammo at all and instead premium shells are rewarded to players for good performance in a match. For example depending on what medals/achievemnts you recieve in a battle. Player can then choose to either take these shells to next battle or sell them for decent amount of credits. Obviously gun properties like RoF would also have to play a role, so maybe gold-like tokens instead of shells.

    • vipercann says:

      so here is your paradox;
      good player = better results per battle = more gold ammo = more gold spam of a good player = much better results in battles = more and more gold ammo = full gold spam of a good player = much more better results = more and more and more gold ammo …….

    • pixywing says:

      This would make Clan Wars awful couldn’t imagine having to spend 5+ hours a night trying to grind these medals so I would have enough GAME BREAKING gold rounds to competitive.

      • phdrvrba says:

        Clan Wars are for kids. Real Men roam randoms on weekends.

      • pixywing says:

        Weekends are when I get most of my ace tanker games as the enemies yolo into you instead of playing tryhard like on Monday morning/evening.

  4. no_its_not_me says:

    just make the damage slightly lower than average damage of tank in its tier. accuracy and reload buff. no ap shell and larger splash radius

    Personal mission
    maintain as it is but remove requirement that based on MM or RNG. for example, kill 2 arty (suddenly you get 20 battles with 1 arty or no arty. that is a bit frustrating)

    i would go with WG on this.

    Premium Ammo
    just place max cap for prem ammo.

  5. sfcstorm says:

    Arty needs to be TD but they can fire over objects. However the birds eye view is really the broken issue. They need to make it first person and have the player manually adjust range like a mortar.
    THis would make camping super dangerous as the Arty gets more accurate after each shot, and it would be almost impossible to hit someone on the move behind cover.

    There, you have 2 modes of fire and it punishes the hiding stagnate tanks and rewards movement.

  6. GeorgeM says:

    I disagree really strongly with almost all of these, but I won’t comment on that. I really like the personal missions changes. I’ve been stuck waiting for a miracle game for Light 15 for 6 months or so. I don’t play arty, and lights are almost always invalidated by mediums at high tiers. Making the system more flexible is a must.

  7. Anonymous says:

    People need to leave their feelings behind when considering how to fix things. Stop this nonsense “fix” aka “nerf”.
    Your idea of fixing arty is really nerfing arty to dust so no one plays them anyone. Thus make you happy ( you must think arty is OP, but they are not statistically).

    Here is how to fix arty instead: make them stronger so people like to play them. Arty should all have “siege mode” where they can fire indirectly with improved aim time and reload but lack ability to defend themselves. Arty should also have “assault mode” where they behave like derp TD with zoom. It takes 1 minute to switch modes,and arty will still have poor armor and lack of mobility.

    Gold ammo can be fixed by simply limit the amount of ammo one tank can carry. Start with 5 gold ammo per tank, and you gain 5 more per each mark of excellence. Also create an equipment that will grant additional 5 gold ammos.

    MM fix should focus on create equality on both sides in terms of tank kind. It’s impossible to balance teams based on skills, so focus on tanks instead. It’s also alright to expand tiers to +/- 3 to all tanks, just compensate lower tiers more for just joining the match. It sucks to fight M103 with your M6 but sucks to play against IS6 too. Reducing tier spread will decrease the fun of games in the long run due to reduced variety in enemy tanks.

  8. vipercann says:

    everybody has a solution for arties, but all of them are from one-side view, noone cares if arty will be still playable or not. everybody tries to solve the “one shot” problem. just tell me how often are you being one shotted? if it’s too often, means you are a bad player. in a st.emil/rhym/wt it’s ok to be one shotted, but if you are playing heavy tank and being one shotted too often, you need to learn how hide from arty… to do this, you need to play at least tier 8 arties.

    if arty is one shotting someone, believe me it means that “clicking” guy is in a very very lucky day.

    there is an arty log mod, shows how many times you are killed by arty, use it and you will see arty is the last one of the “unbalanced” things in this game.

    • Rombat says:

      Good point mate…i bet that all arty haters never played an arty line…after grinding a line or two of arty i would love to see how many oneshots they did and how fun is to play with arty.

      • Ron Pestes says:

        I only have the M53-55 and one shotted a T-9 TD. Did not feel good because it was just point and click. He had no chance. So don’t say it makes people feel good. That’s just lame and still leaves us at an unfair balance.

    • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      In essence, you’re saying “git gud.” Sorry but that isn’t how it works. For the faster tanks, yes, they can weave and dodge artillery shells. For slower tanks, such as superheavies (Maus, E-100, Type 5), they can’t. The E-100 might be able to but other designs can’t. We simply do not have the capability to maneuver like that. Secondly, heavies need to drive to certain positions on maps to do their job. You’re telling me that it’s my fault when artillery hits my side for 700+ damage when I’m trying to get into position? At tier X, superheavies are useless and the meta is heavily skewed toward mediums. Thirdly, not all cover is good. For the better covers, we often need to get there but there’s the issue of getting hit while getting there. A corollary to this is that certain artillery have great gun arcs and can hit over cover, such as the Conqueror GC and GW E100. Your whole argument of cover is based on the assumption that most cover can provide adequate protection against these high-arc designs. However, most of my arguments come from the perspective of superheavies. For me, it’s the only class of tanks that fits my play-style.

      Tl;dr your argument is too limited on scope and is due to lack of realization that the artillery class is still problematic, regardless of the skills of other players.

      • vipercann says:

        @TYPE 319 SHARPEDO

        i did not say you dont know to play if arty hits you, i said “if you are too often one shotted by arty”. i totally agree to your arguement about super heavies, they absolutely dont have any advantages especially since gold ammo is buyable with silver. and in open maps, you are getting rekt by arty before you go somewhere… but that is not about arty, that is about map rotation, for example you cant have too much spot damage with lights in city maps right? or arties cannot do much in himmelsdorf… that is just a downside of a class in certain maps. as you said, game is dominated by mediums right now in all aspects.

    • Mizutayio says:

      I am actually a proud owner of a T92, Conqueror GC, Batchat 155 58, and a SU-14-2
      And i have written this suggestion with arty players in mind, don’t worry about that

      • vipercann says:

        i was not mentioning you when i say “everybody”. i really meant “everybody”. there are lots of suggestions from lots of people.
        for example who wants to play arty if they cannot make damage at the end of the battle. or the other guys will have fun to shoot an enemy who is frozen because of arty shot? people say “we cannot retaliate when arty shoots us, this is unfair” but they want to shoot a tank which cannot retaliate because arty froze him. and same people think this is fair… for gods sake….

  9. zeroyuki92 says:

    Rather than making changes that is too experimental, I would just do small tweaks that could help the game ASAP:
    1. Remove AP from SPG.
    2. Make SPG shell velocity much much slower, in turn make it more accurate.
    3. Reduce SPG pen drastically, but slightly add blast radius. Add stun when it’s ready.
    4. No need for drastic change to gold ammo (yet), only make some of the worst offenders much more balanced (no need to add 300++ HEAT ammo to T-54, for example).
    5. Change some MM dependent individual mission to any other missions (e.g MT-15). On the future, you could utilize existing medals and make it more flexible (e.g Get Confederate/high caliber/patrol duty 20 times)

  10. wolvenworks says:

    to structure my feedback on your suggestions:
    -regarding arty, i actually proposed a more dynamic mechanic that’s main purpose is to reduce the arty’s range for more dynamic gameplay, while improving the shooting handling that it needs so badly now. here’s a link to a (very) rough sketch i did: http://i.imgur.com/MQqSLU4.jpg

    -regarding premium ammo there’s really only 2 ways to fix this realistically: include it as part of research (like in AW), or remove it completely. the concept of significantly reducing the penetration of APCR for long range shooting sounds interesting, but note that that will affect ALL APCR rounds, even the regular ones (especially affecting high tiers)

    -regarding Personal Missions, i completely agree that the current system encourages players to be selfish fucks, is luck dependent, and it forces ppl to play roles that are out of their comfort zones (eg: i’m absolutely terrible at arty and LT, and therefore i’m still stuck on StugIV because i can never finish the missions). i completely agree on your proposed medal system as it actually makes you work/grind for it, and maybe if the medal gains were scaled as you go up the tiers, that will make tier X more rewarding that the current fact of it just being a huge money drain filled with goldshells.

    • Mizutayio says:

      One thing i also have noticed myself about the Personal missions, some Tanks are better suited for some missions. Good luck trying to do HT-15 in an AMX 50 or T 57 heavy or any heavy below tier 8, or ram an enemy tank in a medium tank: Panther and E50 are way better at that than a Batchat 25t will ever be. Kill 1 enemy and splash another one, try that in a French SPG and tell me how that worked out. Current missions require the correct tank, a lot of luck or a WN8 of 3000+ (don’t quote me on that)
      I myself have almost every tier 10 tank, and a lot of tier 8 lights, so the missions for my part are mostly luck based now: yeah i’m at MT-15 which does require skill and i have already done it before, but i need to do it again to do it with honors. So in order to do MT-15 with honors i need luck before skill, luck that i get a mm with at least 2 TDs a tier higher. And then i need to cower in the back of the map, taking pot shots at some of the enemy tanks and get out in time to hunt down the enemy TDs.
      All that would be no problem if there is a minimal amount of TDs per team, I just do hope that WGs 3/5/7 soloution actually means that there are more higher tier TDs

      • wolvenworks says:

        my main problem with the PMs are generally that it forces players to use classes that they might be utterly terrible at. take me for instance: i’m a rather good above-average player specializing in HT and TD with a bit of meds, but i’m utterly trash at LT and spg. the way PMs are structured means that i have to play LT and arty, which really didn’t go well for me at all. i mean, i’m still stuck on the Stug4, ffs. what i want is for the PMs to be more lenient, because no one likes to be in a team with shitty LTs, and neither do i like doing it.

  11. Assault_Cat says:

    The Problem with Arty is neither the Damage, nor the arty view. Its the “historical process” that is missing. To make an example for what i mean and how to fix this problem:

    In World of Tanks, Arty can see enemy tanks “all over the map” in an instant when they are spottet. So they get into their arty sight, aim, fire and do damage (if they hit). But that is not as it should be.

    The process normaly would be:
    – Troops (other tanks) spot a possible target for artillery
    – They get to the radio and describe the area where the target is located
    – Artillery adjusts the gun aim and then fires

    But the second point of the progress needs time normaly. They didnt have the information in an instant. So what is missing is time. Also they also didnt have the exact location like in WoT. So how to fix that problem and to make Arty more fair? Its simple, really.

    My opinion for an Arty Overhaul:

    – Reduce the damage of Arty (Tier 8 and above) by 20% – 30 %. All other arties are balanced in my opinion.
    – Connect the “aiming” with the damage. A snapshot will give only 50% of the damage, while a complete aimed shot will do 100%
    – Change the Arty sight about “live pictures”. Meaning, within 500 meter draw circle, Arty can see everything like before. Every Enemy that is outside of the 500 meter circle, is still shown to the arty, but only updated every 2 – 3 seconds. That means that if an arty sees an enemy tank that is driving, it will disappear for 2 – 3 seconds, and then reappear. Perhaps there is even a “ghost tank” shown with the last speed and direction for the time of the “disappearance”, but if the tank made a curve or stopped driving, that will be seen AFTER the 2-3 seconds.
    – Add “Tactical” and “Damage” guns. Tactical guns would make less damage but have more of “tactical shells” and Damage guns would have no tactical shells at all. Artillery would change its symbol so that the team can see if its a dmg or tactical arty.
    – Add Tactical Shells like Flares, Smoke Screens, Area of Effect Shells, Shrappnell Shells and such, but connect the use of these shells with certain circumstances. For example, a “Flare” shell which can be helpfull with spotting can ONLY be fired if all Scouts (Light Tanks) of the team have been destroyed. Also Tactical shells should have a “cooldown” like 60 – 90 seconds so that these can not be “spammed”.
    – Give Arty a “driving” and a “siege” mode like with the new Swedish TDs . So Arty would be more mobile, but less of a snapshot problem. If the arty would be more mobile, they surely would search for new spots instead of staying at the base.
    – Give Arty a “TD Mode” so that “moving to the frontline” pays off more. With Shrapnell or AP shells with the damage of a normal TD, it would be more fun and competetive, and nobody could scream “campers” or “clickers” anymore.

    I already posted these ideas in the Sandbox Forum, but i dont believe that WG gives a shit. ^^

  12. Domo says:

    How to fix arty: Take all the arty and put them in a jar. Shit inside jar, seal jar. Throw jar in volcano. Celebrate.

  13. ChieftaiNZ says:

    Leave standard shells as they are regardless of type of shell. Nerf Damage/or penetration of premium shells across the board. They should either do more damage for less pen, like the SU-100Y/ISU-130
    or do lower damage with higher pen.

  14. Honcho says:

    Making maps bigger would solve alot of the problems WoT has atm. Scouts would become more relevant, arty would have to cover a bigger map and thus would have to aim/move longer for new targets.
    Making heavy tanks frontal armor more relevant would be a good thing, if the coridor design of the maps would disappear.
    Again: mapdesign is WoT biggest flaw in my opinion.

    • pixywing says:

      Map releasing is the problem for tanks as well take away 2 maps give us only 1 new map the entire year. They keep adding tank lines, but its boring to grind them on maps I have been playing on since 2013.

  15. Akula971 says:

    Make Arty fire faster but less accurate, so that an area may be hit. Unless a scout tank has selected a target using his “T” key, keeps the target selected for a predetermined time. This would enable an artillery unit to zero in on that target with greater accuracy but reduced rate of fire. In this way scouts become valuable assets and promote team work. Mediums could also call in Artillery but with reduced accuracy , this ensures that if a game has no scouts or all are destroyed accurate artillery fire can still be called in. Scouts would naturally try to hunt other scouts to deny the enemy an advantage.

  16. PzB says:

    Match Maker

    I completely agree with this:

    3. The only way to fix mm is by making a skilled mm and by that i mean a just spread of good and bad players on both teams and an eaven class of vechicles in both teams.
    +/- 1 mm will never be in the game because is wg policy to creat players discomfort when play low tiers by being own by high tiers…it’s the way wg want to motivate players to grind to tier 10 because when you are in a tier 10 you’ll own everyone.

    After 26k battles the MM has never been worse than now from my point of view.
    I don’t care so much about tier +2 but having 10 red players on one side and none on the other makes the current MM meaningless. I have to play 5-6 battle for one win at times if the RNG skill factor is unlucky…which it is usually is. Only by playing good tanks – and preferably in platoon with skilled players can you seriously affect the outcome of these skewed games. Playing a tier 6 medium in a tier 8 battle with mostly noobs on your side is usually an auto loss and I set several records of 7-12 losses in a row this Christmas.

    Map design

    Also agree that map design is flawed.
    The limited variety of terrain features gives huge advantages to fast and well protected / armed mediums and heavy tanks. It’s useless to come with an UDEs in a tiny city map..RIP


    Arty doesn’t really fit into the gameplay at all, having it ordered indirectly as an area obliteration support weapon ordered by the senior team commander would be the only sensible solution except from disbanding it altogether, good riddance 🙂

  17. Jurrunio says:

    I disagree with the MM and arty suggestion.
    I think the matchmaker should switch between +1 or +2 MM depending on the modules mounted on a particular tank. For example, a fully upgraded tier 7 IS facing tier 9s is enjoyable with good teammates, but a stock IS isn’t. Therefore, the MM should give a stock IS +1 MM and an elite one +2 MM. This also makes the in-game “tiering” of modules already in the game a real function. Basically, if the sum of tiering of modules do not exceed a certain value, the tank get +1 MM. Otherwise, +2 MM will be issued.
    Your suggestion on arty is good for everyone, except the arty players. If 6th sense is given to all tanks without training, arty will have a hard time landing shots since everyone (I suppose) will try to run away when the bulb lights up. Also, since they have to “charge” their shots, shots that are lucky enough to hit the target wont do much. New skills and perks to further reduce bad effects from arty further nerfs the already lowered damage and stun duration since arty could not charge their shots most of the time.
    IMO, arty should only receive 2 shells: AP and HE. AP ammo deals good damage (about 20-30% less than TDs of the same tier) on tanks with thick armor, but little (like 10-20% of alpha damage) on tanks with thin armor. This is similar to overpen mechanics in World of Warships. HE ammo gets great splash radius and do great damage to external modules, i.e. the tracks. This makes it a good ammo of choice for supporting fire. They should get very low pen or even no pen at all, depending on their tiers. This is because next to unarmoured tanks should still take some serious damage from arty, but thinly armoured tanks should not (for example, an FV4005 should, but a Leopard 1 shouldn’t). Of course, the alpha on these HE shells should be able to kill unarmoured tanks in just 1 hit, but maybe on 2-3 hits. When shooting at heavily armoured tanks with HE, little damage should be dealt since that is what AP shells are for. To balance with the reduced damage, the RoF and accuracy of arty will need to be increased. Comparing to your suggestion, this makes playing arty more fun, while not being too OP and annoying to players in other tanks.

    • Mizutayio says:

      I have to giggle at the thought of a stock M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, if that thing would get +1/-2 MM it will be glorious, but other than that, yeah sounds like a good idea

  18. Vicenco says:

    I support Personal Missions changes. I think you hit bulseye with 100 %. But i dont think WG wants to change anything that would make less money for them. 60 % of missions are pure luck indeed. I m 4 mission from Object 260 , but i dont want to make my mood destroyed because i do 3700 damage to TD’s with BatChat. I does not make sense anymore. 50 % object 260 players won via cheating. So…

  19. jigzy84 says:

    I don’t like your fixes

  20. Who knows a bit about the game is also aware of the issues and can figure out fixes for them, even WG. Sorry but I predict no useful info for myself to read all this, I respect you though. It took hell of a time to type all this.

  21. Anonymous says:

    For MM i don’t hate the 2 tier difference that is not a problem at all. What grinds my gears is the player base of WOT The team split up in a 11-4 between the left and right side of the map 4 minutes after the 11 are fallen and the 4 who stand bravely against 7-8 tank get flanked behind and the match end with a 15-3 loose. I absolutely hate when the game rolls me in a lemming team where half of the players never even see a keyboard before. My suggestion for the MM is to separate players based on the personal rating like 0-2000 2001-4000 4001-6000 ect. then get the template try to make a match with same level of players if it cant fill the gap with +/- 1 league. Potatoes should be playing against potatoes they had more fun that way too and i don’t get yelled by retards who died on a flank with 10+ tanks because i “camping” on the other side holding up against 8 tanks with 2-3 player who actually can play.

  22. secretsquirrel says:

    the how to fix part is way too long… pointless trying something that has been tried in Armored Warfare and didnt work. They are removing it.

  23. gskgrek says:

    – campers often camp because they don’t wont to get hit from anybody not only arty. Best campers i have seen were camping on TDs positions behind bush or behind arty lines 😛 So i don’t think that camping is the main problem.
    – if you camp arty will hit you sooner or later nomater where you are. Only moving in irregular directions and speed can discourage arty
    – low dmg, faster aim and faster reload + charging system is very interesting and i’d like to test it
    – yes i’m clicker 😛 (i play arty during dinner 😉 )

    – i have no opinion. I have 4-6 rounds per tank and use them very rarely

    – it should also take into account personal skill of player on selected tank. So there wolud be no battles with 15xgreen team against 15xred/orange.
    – i thing +2/-2 isn’t as big problem as it looks
    – arty cap – 2 per team is ok for me. But it means that there will be almost no battles without arty 😉

    – token system sounds good
    – but some luck has to be integrated in it (but not as much as now). For example to get tank reward you have to have 1 fire token for setting enemy (any kind and only once) tank on fire.
    – it has also potential for monetizing. WG could sell rare tokens for money, i.e. fire token for 50 EUR ;P

    • pixywing says:

      Arty is a problem as the first tanks that get spotted the scouts and the mediums that are trying to spot the enemy team are the ones that get nuked by arty. In theory tier 10 arty should be going for tier 10 heavies in the city, but those are hard shots instead it goes for squishy tier 8 mediums which helps them farm more credits and exp as they are going to 1 shot it rather than only do a couple hundred damage.

      • Mizutayio says:

        Well i myself try to go for top tier heavies in the city, the problem here is, that it’s the city, i am delighted to assist my team by taking out top tier heavy tanks, but in a city, most enemies are behind cover and can not be hit. We’ve lost games due to allied arty not being able to shoot into the city. mainly because, the gun arc for most arties is so low, i myself shot at some dangerous enemies in the city, and everytime the shell did hit an obstacle.
        So you can’t blame the arty players to go for squishy Tanks on the field, since those are the only targets which arty can actually hit.

      • pixywing says:

        That’s exactly the issue with arty as it can’t hit the camper behind the rock yet can nuke the medium going 60 km/h in the open field.

  24. xalron says:

    I think that increasing the damage by waiting is a horrible and unrealistic idea.

  25. zombietropa says:

    While I am going to repeat some things that others have already said, I’m going to throw my two pennies on some other things as well.

    – Arta

    I think this not as game breaking an issue as some make it out to be. It is really annoying to be one shotted, granted. But how has that arta been firing at other tanks, missing or just getting a bit of splash damage? It could have been a couple of games. I think the problem here is that arta is pretty much useless for most games, due to long reloads and RNG. To solve this, as others have pointed out, is to increase their ROF, and keep their DPM the same by reducing the alpha damage. Dont change accuracy. As the old saying goes, throw enough monkey excrement at the zoo keeper, some of it is going to go ‘splash’.

    – Prem Ammo

    Dabbing that 2 key to win isn’t the best way of going about things. But how to change the ammo system? I dont think all tanks should get access to all shell types. Not everyone is as HESH mad as the British are, after all. Reducing the DMG of prem shells is a good idea. But instead of just reducing the damage stats, why not change the penetration mechanics to something like how it is in WoWs at the moment, where if you gun has too much penetration, it does less damage. Another addition, if that it is an over penetration, the shell does more internal modular damage to compensate, after reading stories of M3 Stuarts being hit by 88mm Flak guns, the shell passing through the tank, and taking the engine with it. I do think that prem shell should still cost more then regular shells, as it represents how much harder it was for crews to get hold of these shells in real life.

    Also give the British 6 Pounder Sabot rounds. Just sayin’.

    – MM

    Personally, I think that WGs current proposal of a 3-5-7 system is sound. Sure, most of the time your going to be bottom of the heap, but I feel this is where good players can shine and you can get a mountain of credits and exp from taking out higher tier vehicles.If you cant do that, you still can go off and duke it out with the other lower tier vehicles. It also means you fell more God Mode when you are top tier, but still have a decent amount of opposition, especially if you get overrun from lower tier vehicles.

    – Personal Missions

    This solution feels a bit too convoluted. Borrowing from WoWs again, their mixture of loot crates, campaigns and combat missions is fairly good. You can get prem time and consumables, as well as female crew members, from the loot crates. The campaigns give out the rewards tanks at the end, as well as allowing players to skip over the missions they dont really want to do (seriously WG, who plans to cap in a heavy?). And the combat missions can give out, for a short term, new prem tanks, discounts on lines, etc. I think the WoT dev team have been looking into this with the Holiday event they just ran, and seeing what feedback has been coming from it.

    • About the MM i can still see problems. I mean imagine a Kv-1 “overrun” by 3 pz 1 c. That would be hillarious.

      • zombietropa says:

        That’s a fair example. But the KV-1 still has to face T4 tanks as well, with Maltidas and T-28’s capable of throwing out some serious damage of their own. But atm, I think the 3-5-7 MM idea is the best of the bunch, and I seriously dont want +/-1 MM being introduced into the game.

  26. Token rewards wouldn not work. Why? Because WG is a company and selling premium tanks is what they do. They would never allow everybody to have acess to premium just by playing their game. And if they would, the requirements would be insane. Like 1000000 tokens for a tier 6 premium or something. That is utter rubbish. However a reward systam would be good for Unique tanks like the upcoming historical hero tanks. Reintroduce historical battles balanced as much as possible as to not just be a mode where you have to pen a Tiger 1 with the 76 mm of the T-34 or the 76 mm of the Hellcat for xample. Balance out the teams like 3 tiger 1, one jgtiger and 6 other 6 lower tierd tanks like pz 4 h or 3 against 2 isu 152’s, 2 kv2’s and some kv 1, t-34 and some su 76. 10 vs 10 should be enough. And the more historical battles you play and perform the tasks, the more historical tokens you get. Getting class/nation tokens for reward tanks is kind of sketchy.

  27. Gojonnogo says:

    My idea for fixing the usage of gold ammo, or rather the spamming of gold if you will, is to only allow a maximum of say 10% of ammo capacity to be gold rounds. This way there is only a fixed amount of gold shells that can be used in a game, it will put more of an onus on a player to determine when they need to use their gold shells rather than just needlessly spamming.
    Just my thoughts, interested in what people think of this.

    • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      I like your idea but it can definitely make the game more “fair” if this were combined with another balancing aspect. Personally, this is my initial suggestion to balancing APCR/HEAT: (1) reduce APCR damage by 66% and (2) reduce HEAT penetration to 66% of standard AP penetration. Just implementing this change is not enough to stop “gold spamming.” Particularly for APCR, since the damage was been significantly reduced, this would force players to purchase more in order to meet the same damage output with a single AP shell. To further strength my suggestion, this is where your idea comes in. Not only are premium shells properly balanced but they’re also barred from abuse from players with increased access to monetary sources. However, a similar strategy would be to substantially increase the price of these shells. We would still implement your idea because people have external resources to purchase extra credits/gold. Increasing prices only works in the real world because people cannot easily augment their current financial situation. (Lotteries can count but these have extremely low ROI, or return on investment, and those who win them tend to be degenerates of society with little purpose or use).

      • Gojonnogo says:

        I like your thoughts, the only problem I have is that I, personally, don’t believe there is too much wrong with current penetration or damage values. There are, of course, extreme outliers that are exception to the rule such as some tier 9 and 10 TDs especially. But I like your line of thinking.

      • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        *further strengthen my suggestion

  28. Piro says:

    What is a meaning of personal missions if everyone can make them sooner or later? They are supposed to show that you have some skill not that you can bot long enough. Also they should Better solution would be if WG would try to get you into battle that enables to complete mission or if you could pick mission during battle or have multiple missions available.
    That arty charging seems like some woodoo replacement for aiming.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think that Domo gets the point. The only way i accept arty in this game is how they get implemented in strongholds battles.

  30. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    Now this is someone who knows what they’re talking about. I swear, the general population of WoT has deteriorated to a scenario similar to that of US inhabitants: mostly idiots with a few intellectuals sprinkled here and there. However, I would like to add some of my suggestions.


    (1) Remove AP shells outright
    (2) Significantly decrease HE shell damage to a maximum of 800-1000
    (3) Increase the rate of fire for all guns
    (4) A minimum of 3-4 meter dispersion at 100 meters accuracy for lower tier guns and 5-7 meter dispersion for higher tier guns + increase splash radius of HE shells fired from artillery guns*

    *Historically, artillery guns were never accurate. Current artillery shells are a different story and often guided by computer systems or the result of high-quality engineering capabilities. Artillery should rarely be hitting tanks, ever. For slower heavy tanks is perfectly fine but we shouldn’t be losing too much health from direct shots. To maintain them at a purely support role, they should be able to deliver fast, relatively low-damaged and imprecise shots.


    The plus/minus 2-tier system in my opinion is fine and should not be made to a plus/minus 1-tier until all servers can have large and consistent number of players. However, the main concerns are clan rigging and the disparity of tiers. Especially toward the later tiers, a tier 8 facing against a tier 10 is hardly balanced. A tier VIII M26 Pershing, a late-WWII design, should not be put against a tier X Leopard 1, a main battle tank design that still sees service in many countries today.

    While not as prevalent, clan rigging is still an issue to be addressed. Top clans (e.g. MAHOU, VILIN, BULBA) can be allowed to platoon but if there are no suitable opponents to counter their platoon, they should not be allowed in public battles. However, this does not mean ban them. What I mean is that they should only be allowed to play alone if MM cannot find a suitable opponent platoon to counter them. Additionally, suspicion of willful coordination of increasing chances of entering the same battle by pressing the ‘Battle’ button should be met with immediate punishment. If this cannot be done, then hire someone who will. Desperation is the seed for ingenuity.


    I haven’t played these at all and cannot provide any insight whatsoever to their balancing.

    • pixywing says:

      Max platoon size should be 2 and platoons shouldn’t be allowed to use tier 10s.

      • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Agreed. And if Wargaming wants to increase it back up to 3, then they should also figure out a way to have 30 vs. 30 battles.

    • DZ says:

      lol.. you would make the game worst, and maybe even kill it

      • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Doubt it. I’m not the greatest player (my WN8 is by no means unicum) but I’m almost certain I possess greater intelligence than any of the WG employees. I wouldn’t be going to one of the world’s top 25 universities if I weren’t. I know what’s broken and what needs fixing. Belarus is a completely decrepit and dysfunctional society. Not only is it poorly industrialized but Belarus used to be one of the biggest supporters of the USSR. Do you want people with an average monthly wage of $400, living in a dictatorship and have previously “worshiped” the USSR making decisions in an industry that is fundamentally democratic in nature? WG Belarusians are stupid people and, sure, my ideas might be a little farfetched but anything is better than what those Slavs are doing.

  31. yggdrasilsk says:

    Issues are: terrible MM i.e. 8 heavies vs 2 and then 4min games….rly frustrating

  32. LordHelmet says:

    One giant and easy thing to help the arty situation would be to make spall liners effective against splash. It’s rediculous that it’s not that way already.

  33. How to fix arty: Remove arty, leave it as a TD.
    How to fix Premium ammo: Remove Premium ammo.

  34. steaders123 says:

    This is exactly how they need to fix everything, I’m a bit sceptical on the new personal missions system but everything else is a great idea; it’s sad that they didin’t think of these things sooner while thier competitors have been doing these things from the beginning. Good job WG, if these changes are implemented I might actually like playing the game now instead of wondering “why am I still playing this” every time I press the battle button. It will make the game far more dynamic as there are now more than one way to do things.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like AP will become the new premium ammo lol best ammo, increase the price.
    Looks like common sense has finally arrived at WG ref the ideas about light and meds not being able
    to front shoot heavy’s and TD having best pen, soooo long to see the flaws in there game.
    As for arty stopped grinding it when these stun ideas started , not grinding it to get something I didn’t want, so kind of stopped me getting a T-55 as well.
    As for MM, have they realised how bad the 3/5/7 idea was ?

  36. Mecha_ says:

    Like many others before myself I strongly agree with the personal mission changes however it does seem like it takes the exclusivity out of it. I do not think anyone should gain a reward tank if they bot enough. Reward tanks should be a mark of a certain standard of proficiency and to have a common player be able to gain certain reward tanks diminishes that idea. This is exactly what occurred with the T-22. A tank that was considered good is now a hallmark of dishonesty and generally poor player performance.

    As for the premium round changes…I strongly disagree with these changes. There is not anything wrong with the current system of premium rounds that merits a change with it. By having the economy of the game skewed towards premium round usage for competitive play one will eventually be more enticed into purchasing premium tanks as well as premium time for credit making purposes. This is good for wargaming as it keeps this game profitable for them. Its baffling to think that this free to play game should not have aspects which encourage one to invest a little money into the game for credit making purposes.

    Also, by gimping APCR (which already have certain gimps to it as is in game) you are essentially gimping lower tiers who cannot dream to be competitive in the game without resorting to a degree of premium rounds.

    Additionally, most people do not even seem to be playing a current update of the game in years as premium rounds can be purchased by anyone with credits.

    One may state that the current system is pay to win but that is far from the definition of pay to win. Pay to win is essentially whoever has the most money to invest within this game should have such a competitive edge within the game that it mitigates skill. However, this is not the case in this game as not everyone can become a unicum by merely pressing the 2 key and not every unicum presses the 2 key for every situation either. There is a skill in learning what tanks you can penetrate with your standard rounds and which tanks require premium rounds as well as whether that round is effective against your opponent in the first place.

    Additionally, the arty changes are most welcomed as it would assist in discouraging camping while not discouraging aggressive/progressive play.

    As for matchmaking changes I believe the direction with Wargaming is taking is the better direction as the new template format of 7-5-3 (7 bottom tier, 5 mid tier and 3 top tiers) seems like it minimizes the negative aspects of being bottom tier while increasing their chance of playing a major role within that match. In addition, it seems like this format would bode much better for queue times.

    • Wahnfried III says:

      @Mecha_: You are pefectly describing pay to win. In fact in most games pay to win is not an “I win now button as those games have – rightfully – severe trouble in attaining new players. Most pay to win games go the route of “Pay to win more”. Gold ammo is no exception. Since free users cannot afford much usage if any any. Premium users can afford more. Owner of premium tanks can afford more. Credit packages buyers can afford more.

      Since goldammo in most cases is strictly better than the standard rounds, you will win more games, deal more damage and have faster grinds by using gold ammo.

      The game has more than enough working incentive to generate cash. The same incentives that made them a large company in the first place. When WG did made gold ammo buyable for credits they didnt do that because they are so kindly hearted. They did it because gold shells for gold only were selling so badly that it could hardly get any worse.

      The competive edge you gain by firing gold does mitigate skill. Maybe not all of it but clearly enough to be very noticable. You can have far less skill and will still win against somebody who has more skill but less real life money to burn.

      Yes, Gold ammo can be bought for credits. But the price tag is not sustainable. Just as the stupid texts on tanks giving specific bonuses in that failed update was not sustainable.

      It is a pay to win game. And like all pay to win games it will never get successful in esports because the only skill you can see there is the skill of who has the fattest real life wallet. And the latest cheatmods.

      • Whinefred.
        So what you are suggesting is that WG stop charging money, and all players play on standard account, and all those that have premium tanks lose the credit coefficient, so that all players are on equal ground.

        If you cannot afford 10 Euro a month for premium account, and another say 7 Euro for a minimal amount of gold per month, then might I suggest trying to find a better job.

        WG is a capitalist company. Their main target are the 30-50 year old males that have jobs and can afford to spend whatever they want on a hobby. Personally, I spend about 200-300 Euro a month on 3 accounts in WoT. Why? Because I want to and I find that 200-300 Euro is not money that I mind spending. So I buy a Fort Knox so that I can convert FXP and retrain crews with gold, so I buy any premium tank I want, so I can go full premium ammo loadout if and when I want, so I can use food on any tank I want, so I can buy 200-300 food consumables per nation when they on sale, so I have 2k each small kits in depot when they on sale, etc.
        Momma’s little boy that needs parental permission to buy a t8 prem is not the main target. They are the FTP players that whine.
        You see, people like me finance your gaming. so instead of saying thank you, you whine further like a commie.

      • Adrian Paredes says:

        “Since goldammo in most cases is strictly better than the standard rounds, you will win more games, deal more damage and have faster grinds by using gold ammo.”

        Really? only a tomato would think like that….

        More damage implies skill, not ammo type, and more wins implies teamwork, not premium rounds damage….

    • jpli says:


      I disagree with you considering “pay to win” and “premium ammo”.

      1) Take 2 friends (with same skills at playing), one has the money the other doesn’t.
      Both start grinding but the one with money spend it to buy credit / equipments / “premium” ammo. He can also buy gold to exchange free xp so soonly he will have a better tank.

      2) Do you own/run a T-54/Obj430II ? Try to convince me that you can only play them with regular ammo. Most players I know use 25%/75% AP/others and don’t even want to flank a heavy, just use “2”.


    • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      “As for the premium round changes…I strongly disagree with these changes.”

      If you don’t believe that gold rounds are not an issue, then you fall into either these categories: you are a complete idiot or you are a WG slut. In other words, you either don’t know what real skill is or you completely kiss up to WG so that you can continue to pad your stats without spending real money for premium shells. There is no in-between and I guarantee you that you can classify most of the remaining players on WoT into these categories.

      “Also, by gimping APCR (which already have certain gimps to it as is in game) you are essentially gimping lower tiers who cannot dream to be competitive in the game without resorting to a degree of premium rounds.”

      Doesn’t matter. You are a lower tier for a reason. Don’t expect to penetrate everything. It is people like you who expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. Sorry but there ain’t no free lunch in the real world. If you are a pussy and whine, no one listens and you basically become a burden to society. (Really, sterilization is the best option so that you don’t procreate anymore). Do you think American tankers were bitching when their M4 Shermans couldn’t penetrate the Panther and Tigers head-on? No! They used their numbers and flanked them, which is what mediums SHOULD be doing.

      “One may state that the current system is pay to win but that is far from the definition of pay to win. Pay to win is essentially whoever has the most money to invest within this game should have such a competitive edge within the game that it mitigates skill.”

      This is basically like saying you don’t believe vaccines cause autism but then you state vaccines do cause autism. Why do you think the larger clans can afford to shoot a lot more premium shells during public battles? They are basically WG’s whores who suck cock so that they don’t have to spend their own money for premium shells. Yes, it does mitigate skill and more will come a bit later.

      “However, this is not the case in this game as not everyone can become a unicum by merely pressing the 2 key and not every unicum presses the 2 key for every situation either.”

      This is the only statement that has come out of your head that makes the least bullshit amount of sense. You are correct in the sense that shooting premium shells does not automatically entail a player becoming unicum. However, this severely mitigates skill. With 100% crew, gun-rammer and improved ventilation, the Obj. 140 can shoot nearly every 6 seconds. A medium tank having a high DPM? Sure, that’s fine. But why in the hell would you need HEAT shells with 330mm of penetration? I understand some armor is almost impossible to penetrate but that doesn’t mean sniping across the map and pummeling them with HEAT shells. With traditional AP/APCR shells, you need to consider many aspects, such as both your and the enemy’s speed, your range, and relative ease of hitting weakspots. With premium shells, you don’t need to consider range or weakspots because these rounds have significantly higher penetration values than the standard kinetic penetrator rounds. Now, all you need is a clear shot and you can just keep clicking while you do something else, like navigating the field. How about the Jagdpanzer E-100’s HEAT shell? What kind of a fucking tank would you need to be shooting at to warrant 420mm of armor penetration? Certainly, you’re not shooting at an M1A2 Abrams tank with ERA/composite armor. Yes, it’s not a guarantee to becoming unicum but it can most certainly give you the leverage to getting there.

      Tl;dr you’re one of the bottom of intellectuals and I doubt you can ever see what the true problems are with the game.

  37. party1c says:

    the only thing you need to do is give us a working skill-mm. this would fix nearly all other problems. no wn8-focus by arty, less toxicity, no problems with tearspread, less “goldnoob” whine etc etc.

    • jpli says:

      Hi, Agree with you. I am tired seeing a “new player” with under 500 battles buying a T8 premium/being top tier/having around 40% WR/doing nearly 0 dmg.

  38. Bricktop says:

    Gotta love these 40k battles 44% WR in objects 260

    • pixywing says:

      WR is such a bad metric, as if you want to play for free without a premium account you make a line up of tier 3-5 scouts run them down mid do 1-2 shots of damage and grab a new one as this is the fastest way to grind credits yet will result in a 42% WR and a ton of battles on your account.

      I do this with an E-25, Type 64, and Cromwell B and can generate millions of credits an hour as well this is the fastest way to blow through all 26 tank you are grinding in a day as some people can’t spend 9 hours a day grinding tanks, but can spend 2 yoloing them down the middle of the map. This is a problem with how a win is more important than actually doing well as doing 2k damage 3 kills is less exp than 0 damage 0 kills on a winning team a large majority of the time, thus its better to get volume than quality.

  39. kunexar says:

    Why do i got vibe “let’s copy other modern tank game called Armored Warfare” plan? Everything that you have mentioned is already IN AW, and it is kinda working. But i won’t say that it is working well. I agree that current PM are broken, but i would change your idea. Tier and Type token, not Type and Nation. Why would you pick MT while you play only TD’s!? You don’t know how to play (usually) with MT if you main TD’s. Sooo big no. With type/tier it would be more balanced. Use t9 tokens and medium tokens to get t55a. Oh, and most LT missions mean GET SHIT TON OF LUCK and wish for best. I haven’t done one mission becouse one ally missfired on me:/

  40. Dreadnought says:

    To those who say “remove premium ammo”, I hope to meet you one day in my IS-4 with you in a T-32, with you restricted to standard AP. I have no problem with premium ammo – sometimes you need it.
    But there is a very easy way to stop people spamming it when it really isn’t necessary. Just drop the avg damage for a premium round by 5-10%. If you want to have maximum damage output, and know how to aim, you don’t want to be using Premium rounds. You would only use them when you really have no choice.

    • pixywing says:

      When tier 10 heavies get penned through the upper front plate by tier 8 mediums, you have an issue. The biggest problem with this game is how lower tier mediums can DPM their way through the fronts of heavies instead of having to aim or flank which is the whole point of medium tanks.

    • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      If you have a tier X heavy tank that is being penetrated by lower tiers, then there is a fundamental problem with the game. Tier X are supposed to be the pinnacle of armor and firepower in the game. The whole reason why the game is broken is because the armor system is not built around premium shells rather standard shells. Superheavies are the least useful class in WoT because tier VIII/IX mediums can sling HEAT/APCR and penetrate my Type 5. This is the exact reason why I, now, sit in the back and adopt a purely support role because I know once I expose myself, I will be the prime target. This completely defeats the entire purpose of being a heavily armored vehicle that is designed to push through enemy lines. This is why the older players are leaving because they know this one of the very fundamental errors of the game. Reducing a mere 5-10% is not going to help much because the damage is almost the same as they were. This would not stop premium spamming. It has to be a combo fix of giving significant drawbacks to their use while implementing hard limits to how many of these rounds you can carry in a battle.

    • Adrian Paredes says:

      In fact the solution isnt in the damage, they could implement like we say, only a 20% of ammo capacity for premium shells, so you should be careful when to use it

  41. jacke4913 says:

    My thoughts:

    Arty: make all current SPG’s direct fire only. Add in artillery as it is in War Thunder: limited numbers of fire missions callable and designated on the map by tanks (more with light tanks, less with heavy) with a cool down.

    Premium ammo: limit the percentage that can be carried to around 15% or less (which is what it was historically). Some tanks will need to have their ammo supply increased, some will need their normal rounds buffed.

    • Adrian Paredes says:

      Artillery direct fire? the whole point of artillery is the power of indirect fire… you want direct fire artillery… then drive a TD

  42. Dunbar says:

    I would like to see the ability to trade in silver for some gold pieces. , say 500,000 silver equals 50 gold or something along the lines.

  43. Marek Kuran says:

    “There is a skill in learning what tanks you can penetrate with your standard rounds and which tanks require premium rounds as well as whether that round is effective against your opponent in the first place.”

    C’mon…Skill learning? What skill you want learn player who in Tiger II shooting around wild gold ammo against IS-3 and VK45B but also against CDC and Hellcat? Gold ammo gives almost 100% certainty of pen. Almost, because sometimes “shit happens” in form of ding or ricochet.
    Standard ammo is the one which requires study on weakspots of tanks, gold – almost doesn’t

    • Adrian Paredes says:

      Wrong… try to penetrate a 4502b with a tiger 2 face to face… not even with premium ammo unless you know where to shoot it…

      Same for the IS3, if you dont know where to shoot it even the gold spam will be deflected on the pike nose… premium ammo dont give you a 100% penetration, just increase your chances, but still need a bit of skill to do damage with them

  44. togo281 says:

    MM Fix

    The MM does a very poor job when the sever population is low, very common with NA West server. One simple solution is reduce the number of players in a battle to less than 15 such as 10 vs 10, 8 vs 8, etc.

  45. Marek Kuran says:

    “There is a skill in learning what tanks you can penetrate with your standard rounds and which tanks require premium rounds as well as whether that round is effective against your opponent in the first place.”

    C’mon…Skill learning? What skill you want to learn player who in Tiger II is shooting around with gold ammo against IS-3 and VK45B but also against CDC and Hellcat? Gold ammo gives almost 100% certainty of pen. Almost, because sometimes “shit happens” in form of ding or ricochet.
    Standard ammo is the one which requires study on weakspots of tanks, gold – almost doesn’t

  46. STUN MAKES ARTY WORSE !!!! cos now you can move very fast cos your stunned. IT’s a horrible idea

  47. 5_uhr_45 says:

    What could Wargaming do? Let it all as it was, but instead: create more maps! And even bigger ones! 2×2 km or something. This would solve the arty situation (tanks are more apart from each other, some arties can’t shoot this far, you LTs can’t spot every corner of the map), premium ammo is more senseless over the distance, MM could be less important, and at last but not least: IT WOULD BE MORE FUN! New maps! Yeah!

  48. Anonymous says:

    1. HOW TO FIX ARTY? Artillery pieces should play like the FV304. In other words …
    – Only HE shells.
    – Significantly reduce damage per shot.
    – Increase shell travel time and trajectory (note: moving targets are less likely to get hit, but targets have fewer opportunities to find cover)
    – Reduce maximum shell distance to half the map (note: arty should have to work harder to get shots on the enemy).
    – Increase the speed of arty (note: arty should have the mobility to re-position to get shots)
    – Improve accuracy (note: a fully aimed shot should hit the target … unlike now)

    – Option A (preferred). Eliminate it. Balance all tanks around standard AP and HE shells.
    – Option B. Make damage from premium rounds less than standard rounds.

    3. HOW TO FIX MM?
    – Changes proposed by WG should help.
    – Significantly reduce damage from hi-alpha guns (e.g. arty, death star) and eliminate one-shots (note: engine and ammo racks need to be damaged before igniting). The ability to quick remove a tank with little chance of return fire greatly contributes to team-wipes.
    – +/- 1 MM would be nice, but unfeasible on the NA and SEA severs given the server populations.

    – They’re fine 🙂

  49. Anonymous says:

    yea…..I am not touching this even with a 10 foot pole

  50. Liam Gavaghan says:

    I believe everyone is trying to solve a problem that does not exist.

    Premium ammo/pay to win bullshit: yes, it has more pen and does the same damage. HEAT can’t go through spaced armor and APCR has dropoff, and thus is not as effective at range. Ok and the second point here, P2W. Ok let’s go buy the most expensive tank in the game, get premium time, and fill it with APCR. Great! A Pz 2J filled with apcr just wonderful. He wins a match, -200000 credits. He doesn’t benefit from it, unless he’s a statpadder, and there are less painful ways to do it as well. Pay to win is not what this game is. You don’t benifit from prem time, ammo or vehicles unless you have skill.

    MM: it’s fine. Quit bitching about it. You want to know a game that has no players and has +/- 1 MM? Armored warfare. You want to know why it had so little players? Because the queue times were utterly ridiculous. 5+ min for a single match. The new MM will drastically increase queue times in smaller server bases (NA for example). Plus, if you can’t fight stuff that is two tiers above, cmon, step up your game, nerd. I deck people in bottom feeder tanks, it’s not hard.

    ARTY!: i preferred arty the way it is now in comparison to sandbox arty or “TD” arty. The stun effect leaves you dead in the water for way too long and does too littlethamage, and Gun motor carrages were not ment for front lines duty. That’s all I’m going to say.

    Oh, and personal missions. Your idea does not work. The idea of PMs was to get a certain skill level for each level of vehicle. Yes, some are a little dumb and some are hard to complete, but that’s th. Tokens for everyone means that bots will rack up tens of thousands over hundreds of matches a night. Like I said above, step up your game, nerd.

    • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      “I believe everyone is trying to solve a problem that does not exist.”

      You’re right. The real problem are those low-brained, inept Belarusians who made the game. Their country is practically in shambles and people like them shouldn’t be making a video game. The country has poor industrial development and their average monthly income is ~$400. Of course, mean is a very non-rigorous statistical measure but it can give a modest idea of what their standard of living is. I can almost guarantee you that the people in WG are practically stuck in that job until they die. Their education is almost nonexistent and their degrees are almost worthless. They will never find more advanced jobs in more developed countries. As a result, as long as they can get a regular paycheck, WG Belarusians don’t care if the game is shit or not. WG North America is better but again, none of their jobs are worth being proud over. The real jobs that other people have high respects for are the gold-collared ones, which include mathematicians, researchers, physicians and engineers.


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