11 thoughts on “Object 252 Presentation Video:

  1. Bricktop says:

    Lovely, now, can I get this instead of that autistic stroke of diarrhea is6 has become? No? I have to pay full price? Okay, I guess.


      1. 130mm thick for I believe both the UFP and LFP so 15mm thicker lower plate and 35mm thicker then Kranvagn…

        But let it be known let it be known that all 3 Swedish HT have a lot of unhistorical values like;
        – less engine power
        – thicker frontal armor (Emil)
        – thicker turret armor, less hull armor (Emil II / Kranvagn)

        Can’t really compare them


  2. Cpt_Hacks says:

    I wonder how many more of these russian heavy and medium clones they have lying around to be put in the game as premium tanks. I mean, they will run out of them once… Hopefully…


  3. banjoman150 says:

    Go to tanks.gg and look at the armor model. This beast is nearly as tough as the IS7 but 2 tiers lower. Also it is the HT with the biggest alpha at T8. I Think this tank will be OP as F**k if it comes out like this


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