Supertest- Overlord Changes

A few changes to the Overlord map being tested at the moment. Previous changes can be viewed here.

Most of the changes involved flattening out the center of the map and removing some unnecessary vegetation, mostly in the hope to simplify navigation around the map. A few positions have been added around for passive scouts and other lightly armored vehicles however. The overall elevation of the beach has been raise, this combined with changes to the areas leaving the beach are hoped to smooth the transition from the beach to the rest of the map.

Supertest- Overlord Changes

13 thoughts on “Supertest- Overlord Changes

  1. Glad the beach is being made a little more relevant to the rest of the map rather than where the tomatoes go to smash heads. Still not a good place to go because having the higher ground gives you a big advantage. Maybe scouts will go there to piss off their team for not spotting the enemy. Making the east a bit less corridor and less dependent on gun depression means more tanks can fight there, we might see a more even distribution of tank classes all around the map. At the same time, a flatter map does make artillery more dangerous so the chance of being rebalanced by wargaming’s interns has significantly increased.

    It will be neat to see how the map functions after the changes have been made.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I do wish they wouldn’t have this obsession with flattening maps. It’s much more interesting if there’s a point to having great depression on some vehicles, which pretty much disappears on the flats. There should be places you can go but have to be careful of for the momentary hull exposure, or to fire from behind if you can peek over it. Otherwise take it to the logical conclusion and all maps end up flat and boring.


  3. thebugmonster says:

    usually i dont go near beach, if im playing scout or td i will always go near the bunkers on 3-4 lines, but if beach is updated, running along its ridge might prove to be helpful.


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