Sacred Valley Supertest Changes


Good day all,

Bit of a slow news day, but we do have a few changes here to the Sacred Valley map in supertest.

1- Central area is flattened, with many small objects and houses being removed.

2- Created areas near the spawns for support tanks and TDs to take advantage of any spotting done in the newly opened up central area.

3- A few smaller objects have been removed around the monestary.

4- Some alterations made to the hill at the typical heavy corner.


17 comments on “Sacred Valley Supertest Changes

  1. helldix says:

    First they destroy areas for tds to snipe on south-east hill and now they creating the positions again aimed on centre this time. Sometimes I have feeling as if WG had some random map changes generator so it would looks like they doing something.

    • Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      Even random map generators would do better. Belarusians at WG are naturally stupid people. This comes at no surprise since their country is decrepit and poorly developed. As long as they get a paycheck, they couldn’t care less about what they do to the game.

  2. Greene Ghostavo says:

    WG should fix the older maps like Port, Dragon Ridge, Pearl River, Province, Hidden Village, South Coast, Severogorsk, Northwest, Komarin… all those can be made into rotation with some tweek..

    • DeadArashi says:

      Definitly needs it so it doensn’t feel like you play the same 3-4 maps every game. I swear they take more maps out then they put in

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of those maps dont even need to be fixed, they were really the only perfectly balenced maps in the game that was advantageous to all 5 tank types, Pearl river for example. I can say they are much better than say the new swamp, and overlord (Medium Bias)

  3. StronkiTonki says:

    Great… Ruin the only good spot for medium tanks by flattening it, i.e. reducing the ability to use terrain to your advantage…

    Oh, and not to mention the TD’s and other camping tanks to ruin your match on their new camp spots.

    Pretty much my favorite area of the map ruined, great job WG.

  4. Anon says:

    World of Corridors staying true to it’s name. Central area will be completely unused now.

  5. Onicorn says:

    Let’s make TD’s useful by making area 1 highlighted in this map a killzone!
    not like anyone is going to be stupid enough to go there after 2 weeks if this makes it to live server, would just make this map even more corridor-y. Hope they see it at the ST and let the map be as it is now which is good enough IMO

  6. KCHoB says:

    Based on what critics or criteria do they change maps? Inputs from the huge mass of Russian tomatos to satisfy their needs and who are unable to use the map as it is? Please give us back maps like Port, Dragon Ridge, Pearl River, Province, Hidden Village, South Coast, Severogorsk, Northwest, Komarin…si I do not have Erlenberg or Siegfried line every 2 maps.

  7. jacke4913 says:

    Sacred Valley is fine and doesn’t need to be turned into another Map of Corridors. WG should fix all the old maps and get them back in.

  8. Rombat says:

    and that’s how you create corridor maps….flat the center with less cover and everybody will jump for joy in the crowded areas with arty and td cover…gg wg

  9. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Still trying to polish the turd, eh?

  10. wolvenworks says:

    seen the video. doesn’t look like it’s a major change. if anything, it should make the map load less since it has less objects to render on mid. it won’t change the current meta of north/south rush, but it will make some crazy fucks/more ppl push mid

  11. septfox says:

    #4 seems like a pretty dumb change. Before, faster heavies could go west to the brawling corner, then cut back east somewhat safely if they needed to suppress any mediums who’d rushed the western path. Now…it looks like just another couple corners for heavies to sidescrape out around. They made it more of a heavy take-turns-punching-each-other-in-the-face corridor than it was already, which is really impressive if you think about it.

    I wonder if they “fixed” all the climbable spots while they were mucking around with it…WG has a pretty big hate-boner for fast tanks using terrain in ways that might be confusing for the typical potato-head.

  12. Those “obstacles were the cover for the lights and meds…
    Again a change that will mean quicker battles that equal more money spent to WG while less enjoyment for us
    Bad job…

  13. “Created areas near the spawns for support tanks and TDs to take advantage of any spotting done in the newly opened up central area.”

    Of course, no light or medium in their right mind is going to rush out into the open to DO any of that spotting for you now, because they have no cover anymore.

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