Supertest: LTTB (Tier 8)


Supertest stats for the LTTB after its transition to Tier 8.

HP: 1050
Engine power: 700
Weight: 22,68 t
Power-to-Weight ratio: 30,86
Speed: + 68/-20 kph
Hull Traverse: 48 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 50.1 ° / s
Terrain Resistances: 0.863 / 0.959 / 1.534
Hull Armor: 90/45 /? mm
Turret Armor: 90/75 /? mm
View Range: 390 m
Signal Range: 761.3 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 85 mm D-10-85
DMG: 180/180/300
Penetration: 170/216/44 mm
DPM: 2208.4
Rate of fire: 12.269
Reload: 4.89 s
Accuracy: 0.345
Aim Time: 2.01 sec
Depression/Elecation: -3 °/+15 °

16 comments on “Supertest: LTTB (Tier 8)

  1. whitesample says:

    Yahoooo! That -3 will balance the russian bias!

  2. Havoc199 says:

    Looks fine tbh. Has the power to weight dropped or is it just me?

  3. OeilBleu says:

    Just checked on, the only thing that is changed is the hp going up by 100

  4. 2.2K dpm with 180 alpha and 170 penetration…. meh…

  5. This is nice but put some work into your output geesus. Why not have a side by side t54ltwt compared… or something useful. This does almost nothing for me informational wise.

  6. irsanchez says:

    Looks very nice. The LTTB, BullYdog and WZ-131 are pretty good tier “8” tanks already, and the HP was the only thing lacking.

  7. Adrian Paredes says:

    Did you guys realize that the LTTB beat all the other in speed and Power/weigth ratio? oh i forgot the armor too!… not much choices for cws huh?

  8. Rombat says:

    It’s ok…i think i’ll rebuy it to enjoy it once again when it will be tier 8.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is wrong on so many levels. LTTB is a tier higher AND unchanged. Alpha is low, DPM is also low for this alpha and lets not talk about the penetration.

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