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Todays Micro Patch

World of Tanks – Micro update

This patch introduced a new res_mods/ folder and some changes that might need a new compatable Version of your Mod Pack.

I tried the trick of copying the contents of to the new folder, didn’t work.I had to wait for the new version of Aslains to come out. If your mods don’t work and there isn’t a new version run vanilla in Safe mode. This can be selected by clicking the up arrow by the side of the Start button on the Launcher.

Patch note: Fixed some technical issues.

34 thoughts on “Todays Micro Patch

  1. new aslains is out.

    1. too late, ppl had enough problems as stated in original post

    2. a little too late as stated in original post

  2. Here’s an idea. Stop using XVM…

  3. Any idea what this patched? It’s a funny patch if all it does is change the res mods folder…

  4. a brief pause to play without of fear of being ammoracked twice in a row by the most talented aimbot weak spot cheatters….that untill they upgrade their cheats.

    1. ^LULZ…after tens of thousands of games I can’t say getting ammoracked by a bot is anywhere near the top of my WOT complaint list. You should try one out so you actually know what the hell you’re talking about…

      …but focus on those conspiracies.

      1. Shitter players would say that.

    2. buwahaha… know your tank and wich part of it shouldnt be exposed.. and let your loader learn “safe storage”. problem solved.

      1. He is right though. This is the best time to play when all the cheats are broken.

      2. Just that, sadly, non are broken. Only Gui stuff in garage needed an update (for most ppl that means xvm), other mods shouldn’t even be affected at all.

      3. Well, all my loaders have the safe stowage, still get a shit ton of ammo racks. And sometimes 2x during the same match.

    3. The most usual exuse of being noob: “I played with my Bulldog today, they ammoracked me twice. Then I took my Leo PTA, they ammoracked me twice again. Then I took my T-10, ofc they ammoracked me again… Cheats, cheats, cheaters everywhere!!!”

    4. You definitely got the point. And I can confirmed that. Is this a mere coincidence that every time there is a patch there are 2 -3 days of balanced games ? The one that end with 14 – 15 result ? (instead of 2 – 15 ) ? And about that ammo racks… You also have the point. I know it is a bit of exaggerating but… still… there is something about it 😛

      1. Google: “confirmation bias” 😉

    5. How ignorant are you all??? Safe stowage doesn’t do anything for ammo racks. All it does is it boosts the ammo rack HP so that you have less of a chance of it detonating completely. It doesn’t shit about it being damaged.

      Come on retards, it is 2017… this place is a collection of pubtrashers. sad

  5. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. “cheats” are very rare. most people who yell “cheator!!! haxxx raport!!!1!11” simply dont know how game mechanics work. they dont understand the spotting system, penetration mechanics or what rng does. thats why they think others cheat. these people are the real cancer…

      … and the reason why we, the good players, hate you noobs. siriously… if your winrate is below 50% and your wn8 below 1500, why do you even play? this must be as fun as going to the same hooligan-pub every evening and telling them to beat the shit out of you…

      1. Uninstall xvm and it will be much more fun. Random battles are not ranked league games and should not be treated that way. Too many times I saw players whining about stats of other team mates instead of focus on the game and win. Hell.. sometimes (because of xvm that says 8 or 10 % to wim) top tanks in team just.. stay afk or drown themselves… WTF… 😛

      2. Lol?
        Most of the players are below 1500wn8… Mb.. 75%..

      3. If you’re not from an Ivy League university and you’re not working in the medicinal field, why are you even alive?

      4. My goodness, we have a real gangsta right here!

      5. The fact you call players who may not understand the game “cancer” and believe that people with a below 1500 wn8 are noobs says a lot about you. Does being a dick come naturally or do you have to work at it?

      6. Yeah, but if it weren’t for those bad players, the win rate you enjoy and hold so dear would start to go down.

        See, now you would be facing off against even better players than what you think you are now and take to spots left empty by those same bad players that got you where you are today.

      7. WOW You should go outside and experience human contact, but please do not speak to people in that manner to their face.

      8. He has nothing else to do i guess. 😉

  6. i deleted it! OMG

  7. I was hopeful that this would be the patch where the Type 5 gets its “buffs” but apparently not…

  8. Handbags att 5 paces ladies.

  9. They needed 60 mega or so to patch the game and the only explanation is “fix some technical stuff”?!
    Yeah, not buying it.

  10. Tin foil hats are coming…

  11. When are they going to fix two of the biggest bugs in WOT, the reverse speed of my Hellcat and the lack of a Prem US TD for sale?

    Hell, even the Swedish are getting one and their line just arrived!!!!

  12. Thanks for the info on this patch Jerry.

  13. Seems Battle Assistant and GambitER’s damage log still work without update

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