5 comments on “More New Minimaps

  1. wremisekrummels says:

    praise the lord!!! finally we have more HD-minimaps

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of this simplified minimaps…I think we all know impassable terrain without it being visually bold and hatched. I prefer actual terrain details as opposes to the new kindergarten hatched versions.

  3. Noidea says:

    never mind all the real shit they could / should fix. really make a map for overload when a “fix” is in super test? WTG WG another waist of time. Please focus on fixing the MM!

    • Sasque says:

      Do you really think that whole WG team is going to work on MM and nothing else? Everyone there has their thing to do. It’s not like “Okay team, we do MM. Doesn’t matter if you’re hired to work on sound or graphic design, you all work on MM” *facepalm*

  4. PeterSmith says:

    These horrors as well and pilsen need deleting… laggy tripe….

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