24 comments on “9.17.1 Common Test Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    link to the download for the testserver anyone? thx 🙂

  2. theundying says:

    Position in queue: 2581

    I think the servers MIGHT be a bit overrun at the moment. 😀

  3. Can you join a battle ?? I cant enter in a battle !

  4. HkS150 says:

    fix your damn servers i have a massive lag at night even thought i have a decent internet connection that will make my life easier.

  5. Elliott Hall says:

    HD TOG! :O :O :O :O My life is complete 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Que is liek 500k rn

  7. whitesample says:

    They need to buff the fucking Leopard 1.

  8. DeadArashi says:

    T95 speed buff is nice… would also be nice if the had govin it a better engine so that the speed can stay consistant

    • DeadArashi says:

      give it the 860hp engine in the T30. Buff the power to weight from 5.69 to 9.59. Keep the max speed and turning speed and just let it accelerate and maintain its speed better up hills which was the real killer to the T95s speed

  9. World of Denial says:

    Amazing how much Bread and Circus got done while working around that elephant in the room.

  10. No_Quarter says:

    Any info on how German switch will happen? If I have VKB will I still have it and be able to grind new T10 from there or will it switch so that baby Maus?

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