Strv 81 Supertest Stats


Stats for an upcoming Swedish premium version of the Centurion tank.1_6

HP: 1450
Engine power: 650
Weight: 50.8 t
Power to Weight ratio: 12.8
Speed: + 50 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 36 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 35 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.9
Hull Armor: 76.2 / 50.8 / 38.1 mm
Turret Armor: 254 / 88.9 / 88.9 mm
View Range: 400 m
Signal Range: 710 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 8.4 cm kan Strv 81
DMG: 230/230/280
Penetration: 226/258/42 mm
DPM: 1840
Rate of fire: 8
Reload: 7.5 sec
Accuracy: 0.33
Aim Time: 2.3 s
Depression/Elevation: – 10 ° / + 18 °

37 comments on “Strv 81 Supertest Stats

  1. Before anyone gets off their rocker, this is super test stats, if anything, they’re just making a baseline for how to tweak the tank into something unique

  2. DZ says:

    great, another knockoff tank.. must not take a lot of skill to come up with ideas at WG

  3. Nocomment says:

    How come the turret armour is better than the pre-nerfed Centurions let alone the crap they have now?

    • mredweird says:

      WG probs want to see what would happen.
      TBH it makes no sense in practical terms, but with this mobility…it kinda needs to be this way.

      I’m thinking they’re trying to midway the Caern and Cent and get an universally decent tank.
      Hopefully normal Cents will get buffs as well.

      Time will tell, this is first ST iteration, so…

      • I would assume this would also make its way to the non-premium British Centurions if this version works out. They’re badly in need of a turret armor buff IMO, as their armor is just about useless at this point with how unreliable it is.

    • sp15 says:

      because wg does not care about historical armor anymore

  4. KermitWOT says:

    My issue is that it is a medium tank, and Sweden’s end game tanks are Heavy and TD’s. This seriously limits its use for crew training.

    • Xavier says:

      Where does it say it’s gonna be a medium? WG might make it the tier 8 heavy premium. That would explain the turret armor buff.

  5. yingyu0502 says:

    make centurion great again

  6. DeadArashi says:

    Give it a 105mm and rename to Strv 102… then I’ll think about it…

    So many better options for a tier 8 premium though. Would be nice to get the historical Emil 1 as a premium HT at some point

  7. Greene Ghostavo says:

    Why have a premium MT when there is no tier X MT?

  8. Rombat says:

    Can be a usefull tank for making credits but useless for training crew…to train the crew for Leo???…thinking that is the second medium premium tank on this incomplete line makes me wonder what on hell is on the mind of wg stuff?

  9. Tomáš says:

    where is VIII CZECH tank?

  10. hardymariner says:

    Buff the British Cent please (Turret armor buff). This tank looks great!

  11. Nevermind says:

    Well now this is odd… I did not expect to see this in game… OH WAIT why not? WG could not have an original idea if their life depended on it.

  12. Blankman says:

    254mm turret? Welp, if this tank is classified as a HT, i think it’d be like the T26E5, or as my folks call as Jumbo Pershing.. It’d make more sense if this is a HT, with cent speed buff coming to differentiate the regular Cent and this thing..

  13. zeroyuki92 says:

    Slower and more armored Swedish Centurion is nice as long as it’s a HT like how Swedes specified it (cmiiw)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well if WG make this the premium T8 Swedish heavy then I can see the 254mm turret as a compromise to a lower P/W ratio, but WG please make this the Strv 102 with 105mm if it is going to be a heavy. The 84mm does not fit the Swedish playstyle at T7+. (if you fit the 105 on the Leo)

  15. Cheesecake16 says:

    Well if WG make this the premium T8 Swedish heavy then I can see the 254mm turret as a compromise to a lower P/W ratio, but WG please make this the Strv 102 with 105mm if it is going to be a heavy. The 84mm does not fit the Swedish playstyle at T7+. (if you fit the 105 on the Leo)

  16. Kehldon says:

    Buff the front armor, nerf the speed to 35 kph and make it a heavy and then I would understand why they add it.

  17. sippi says:

    At best IS3 mobility but without the armor or the gun !?

    russian T 44 clones get half the terrain resistance better armor and better power to weight probably even better guns and with the possibility to train high tier tanks also I see no point in having it

    think they overestimate the chances to find a usefull hulldown position and give supporting fire especially in a tank as large and bad armored as this thing

    Give it 2,5 k dpm 0.30 acc 1.9 aim and 0.5 med terr res and lets talk again

    • mredweird says:

      I love my Caern/Conq and Centurions but playing the support role is very hard in this game.
      It forces yoiu to be aggressive where you should not be.

      Aggression always takes precedence in PvP games, sadly.

  18. sippi says:

    Yes I loved my cent and caern long time ago one of the first lines I was going for
    But since then accuracy spread got fucked at least two times
    open maps got ” rebalanced ” to canyon style
    Or nerfes going against armor
    while a lot of other tanks got buffed instead

    tanks are useless trash now imho
    At least they are trying to increase the centurions now but I bet its far from being enough to make these tanks okish again

  19. 21Blackjack says:

    The stats are exactly the same as the current supertest Cent I apart from the reportedly tougher turret. So I have no idea where people are getting the “This is the HT Cent” idea from. Maybe its part of a planned future finished MT line.

  20. sippi says:

    so this is with stock engine? has to be if you sac its exactly the same
    otherwise this one has 12.8 hp/t and cent 1 is at around 17

  21. Anonymous says:

    Look at it on the tank compare Feature On the live Server and its go 990hp now and its still an MT. 14/7/17

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