26 thoughts on “Official 9.17.1 HD Renders: Part 2

    1. I agree, the Obj 263 would be a lot more popular if it weren’t such a long piece of click bait. Hopefully the rebalance to artillery will make one shots a thing of the past.. but my optimism in wargaming is rapidly dissipating…


      1. Anonymous says:

        They buffed the shit out of the gun mantlet- now over 75% of it has an extra 250mm of armor and is ~520mm effective. The only weak bit now is directly around the gun and is very hard to hit, as the gun barrel itself would be in the way


      2. Very cool man, that’s a pretty nice edit so no worries 🙂 Interesting to wonder how the hatches on top would affect the tank, maybe a good trade off…? I haven’t driven the tank on the live servers but maybe it would be fair.


      3. well actually, on the liver server the hatches aren’t actually part of the damage model. Shooting it wouldn’t do anything .

        They may have made it part of the damage model with its HD model

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      4. @Anonymous, at the moment, the Obj 263 is a very unpopular tank because the tier X isn’t really worth the grind. A buff to the troll mantlet and just eliminating it as a weak point will be pretty fair, it won’t be better than a T110E3 because it has a very squishy lower plate but it gives the 263 driver a lot more reliability as a non-turreted medium td. Just my opinion, it will take a lot of play testing to get a better feel if the tank is balanced but generally the 263 should be brought down by lower plate shots and shots into its sides/rear.


      1. wazoo117 says:

        Even if it did have a solid metal roof, It probably wouldn’t be of any significant thickness and arty shells would just pen it anyway


  1. akstywa says:

    wtf 268 looks like shit, seems like they made it taller too, on the other hand it is in fact shit worse than foch 155 and no one is playing it so maybe it fits xD


  2. RedSoloCup says:

    Why isn’t the E 50M included in either part? Although not mentioned in the patch notes it also got an HD upgrade (looks ugly imo, not as sleek and nice looking as the pre-HD version)


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