13 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Superbowl Ads

  1. Mkoo says:

    What the…how? Could this possible work on muricans? If I never heard about WOT before and saw this ad I would stay away from the game.


  2. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    I’m surprised wargaming doesn’t troll the superbowl with a Soviet tank destroying an American one….. The dumbfuckistanians would go all patriotic and riot


    1. redthehunter says:

      Might be smart, challenge them, make them rise to FITE THA REDS and proove american tanks rule. suddenly you see a flood of people coming in playing the merican tech tree.
      Invoke the patriotism in them to make them come online to show who is “real deal”.


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