9.17.1 Release Date Pushed Back


Quick update for you on 9.17.1, there’s likely to be a third iteration of the test server instead of just two, so the release date is likely to be in March now. Gives everyone plenty of time to still enjoy the T110E5 and Grille 15 before they’re nerfed, as well as finish grinding for the Maus.

56 comments on “9.17.1 Release Date Pushed Back

  1. DeadArashi says:

    Hope they remove the premium HE off the Typer 5s 15cm gun and buff the penetration to about 90mm like the other large caliber HE that do 1,100 dmg.

    Also hope they alter the model of the PzKpfw VII so that it’s less visually like the VK72.01

    • DeadArashi says:

      They also need to buff the T110E3, no point in it now that the T95 is only 4km/h slower

      • Ares says:

        You joking right ? E3 has way better frontal armor then T95, dont have that many weakspots. E3 is fine.

      • DeadArashi says:

        Thee only benefit to it is the better penetration to its gun, the lower hull is a missive weakspot that’s far bigger than any of the weakspots on the t95…. The T95 has alwasy been considered a better tank of the 2 and even more so now.

        T95 would be far better suited at tier 10

      • viper_invader_1 says:

        ARES is right the E3 is doing great in the game as is

      • datalink7 says:

        There is a lot more to the E3 that is better than just pen. It has more DPM, 8 degrees of gun depression (vs. 5, which is a huge difference), and the frontal armor doesn’t really have any weakspots. The lowerplate is big, but it isn’t weak. The lowest values you’ll get on the lower plate is 230 armor. That’s good enough to bounce Tier X meds 25% of the time and even better on heavies. Tier IX and below start to really struggle. And that’s IF they hit the 230 spots. The lower plate goes up over 300mm in areas. The T95 always has its weak cupolas exposed. E3 doesn’t have this problem

      • DeadArashi says:

        0.26 rounds per min better RoF for a DPM difference of only 196… the T95 cupolas are the same thickness as the E3 lower hull, are much smaller then the E3 lowe hull and more rounded then the E3 lower hull…

        Im sorry but the lower hull is more of a weakspot then the T95s cupolas.

        Should i also list out how minor the other differences are again? E3 literally only has penetration and gun depression over the T95 in 9.17.1…. thats it

      • Alex Knight says:

        E3 has superior armor, better mobility, with better terrain resistances, and a much stronger engine, better gun, better gun depression, better travers, need I continue ?!

      • DeadArashi says:

        Actually, in 9.17.1 T110E3 is only
        – 4km/h faster forward
        – 2km/h slower in reverse
        – SAME tank traverse
        – it has WORSE terrain resistance by:
        0.19 on hard
        0.29 on medium
        0.67 on soft
        – 19mm more penetration on standard ammo
        – it’s massive lower plate is only 170mm thick (220mm effective if hit straight on) where as the T95 weak spot are the much smaller capolus at the same effective thickness
        -0.26 rounds per min better RoF for a DPM difference of only 196

        Need I educate you more?


      • DeadArashi says:

        oh and T110E3 also has worse side and rear armor… T95 is also more accurate when firing on the move, has higher potential damage due to having more ammo… oh and T95 also has better camo…

        How is the T110E3 a better tank again?

      • DeadArashi says:

        the only valid points you made are:
        – better gun (but by such a small margin that its negligible)
        – Better gun depression
        – Better engine power

      • AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

        E3 can be very effective hulldown because the miniturret is not a weak spot…t95 cant…if anything other is almost the same that + the gun depression it has should be more then enough and is…
        out of the 10 top tier TDs we have in the game it sits somewhere around the 4th or 5th place…so its actually balanced very well…

        if WG would buff the E3 what the hell would they need to do to the E4?! because that tank IS actually under performing…

      • DeadArashi says:

        Well then rather then touching the T110e3 you could remove the 155mm from the t95 and add a better 120mm gun as top gun.

        Then there’s the incentive of a larger caliber gun to incite people to go for it more so then the T95

      • DeadArashi says:

        Or you could do something a bit more drastic such as as making a new line for the t110 making it more of a moderately armored, fast tank line with a 120mm at tier 10: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/71201-9171-t95-vs-t110e3/

      • AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

        didnt point out its by winratio..

        but because i see you like stats here is a interesting one…

        in short E3 has the best effective armor out off all the t10 TDs…so buffing it would kinda be bad…

      • DeadArashi says:

        And while the E3 has bounced 53.42% of shots that didnt have the T95 listed… which has bounced 58.77% of shots

        In a twist of shock and horror we find that the T95 has the more effective armor… thank you

    • viper_invader_1 says:

      I agree about the type 5, but the VK72 is just another version of the pzkpfw vii (otherwise known as the lowe), just with a different gun so it makes sense they look alike. Also it looks badass right now so plz don’t change it:)

      • DeadArashi says:

        It looks badass? Please, it looks ridiculous. Would be better if it looked more like a rear turreted Lowe… like it would have been, not this narrow hulled thing it is

        Dodgy coomparitive photoshop for visualisation; http://i.imgur.com/1TvYVwv.jpg

      • Life_In_Black says:

        The VK 72.01 and the almost-clone Pz.Kpfw. VII, are based on an actual, real design: http://i.imgur.com/5rEOK7U.jpg

        Wargaming is massively overstating armor values, sure. But it is more or less exactly what a rear turreted Löwe would look like.

      • DeadArashi says:

        I’m going to come out and say this… dont believe AchtungPanzer… I have a copy of the far more reliable PanzerTracts 20-1 and it has nothing about a Leichter or Schwere Lowe design in it.

        The only images are the sketches of the Lowe that we can see in-game at tier 8 which is based on the design pecifications submitted 23 april, 1942

        Other details mentioned are various guns (105mm L/70 or 150mm L/40), different engines, defferent engine and turret placements (mid or rear mounted)

        We have ONE design that can be trusted which is, as I said, of the Lowe we have in-game at tier 8.

        It is a fair assumption that the hull would be far similar to that of the 90t Lowe at tier 8 where the hull extends out over half the tracks with the turret mounted at the rear rather then the mid.

        WGs VK72.01 K and PzKpfw VII are based on a questionable image that has had historical stats associated with it

      • Life_In_Black says:

        Who said anything about believing AchtungPanzer? You’ll note I never said anything about light and heavy Löwe variants. Spielberger in Special Panzer Variants mentions it as a 100 ton wooden mockup of the VK 72.01:

      • DeadArashi says:

        It was more the AchtungPanzer watermark in the bottom right of the image you linked and AchtungPanzer list that image as the “Leichter Lowe”

      • DeadArashi says:

        So my mind instantly went that way with it and I had recently gone through Panzer Tracts 20-1 so I remember that and completely forgot about Spielbergers “Special Panzer Variants”

        So if this pissed you off in anyway

      • DeadArashi says:

        And it would look closer to the VK45.02B which was WG thinking and reasoning for making the line… because they “look similar”

  2. wolvenworks says:

    farkin hail!

  3. viper_invader_1 says:

    They also need to re- consider SOME of their armour buffs (Maus, Type 5 especially)
    I felt like the 3 new German hat’s where fairly well balanced and if they go in as is would be fine.
    The new UI features seem pretty nice as well.

  4. madogthefirst says:

    Awwww I was really looking forward to the next patch and having a Maus at tier 8.

  5. siralexice says:

    I bought the Lowe specifically because it was shown in a WG video shooting and penetrating the T110E5 cupola. Tried it a few times in the game, never happened.
    So now that they are changing a bit that weakspot to actually be a weakspot, they are finally doing the right thing.

  6. Mario Scalas says:

    I want the Panzer VII. Now!

    • Not sure why you would want the Pz 7 considering its a really shitty tank that isn’t nearly as good as the Maus or the E100 and isn’t even a competitively viable tank.

    • viper_invader_1 says:

      Same here I feel like its a good mix between the Maus and the E100. It’s faster than both, the gun is not as derpy as the e100 but its harder hitting than the maus, Armour is a mix of the 2. I really wanna get this tenk.

  7. Tiger88 says:

    I should get my MoE and push my WR in the E5 before it becomes crap and unplayable in solo pub matches.

  8. gyeprefos says:

    why is grille 15 nerf necessary?
    -its camo is worse than other T10 TD-s camo (except FV-s)
    -no armor…
    -no turret… (dont say that it has turret, because this piece of sh*t not a turret)
    -good mobility, but its traverse speed is piece of shit… (they nerfed the mobility and gun depression because why not… because of the gun depression nerf you have to expose yourselft much more, and its harder to escape because of the speed limit change backwards and -50HP…)
    the only good thing on it was the gun… pls. nerf the pen and accuracy so i can sell it 🙂
    -and no im not a tomato player… i was a huge fan of the WT because it was simply epic (370battles with it)… after the change i played 75 battles with grille (i have better stats with grille) but personally i think that is booooooooooring as hell (and the T9 WT is much better than grille…)

    • bbmoose says:

      Grille nerf is necessary. Don’t cry because your beloved OP tank gets nerfed. It is way to mobile, has to much dpm for a gun with those stats and the overall nerfs aren’t really that significant. High tier gameplay is flooded with those things, a nerf is needed.

      • gyeprefos says:

        did you ever played that tank? just saying its a piece of shit, not OP… ok, im doing 3k dmg in avg. with that, but never carried a game with grille, because its HE magnet without camo…

  9. Wonderer says:

    I kind of get the reason why they nerf the E5.. but at the same time I dont. reason why I dont is the type 5 buff. I mean seriously, that tank will be pretty much impenetrable from the front apart from premium rounds and T10 TDs. E5 was never as heavily armoured as type 5 will be, and the sides are much weaker as well.
    and I dont know.. Apparently I play the E5 so crap that I never felt it being OP.. In all the games I played it the best games Iv probably bounced 3k, as it has the same effect as playing the E100.. the moment enemies see you, they refuse to shoot before they have loaded the skill.

    • VladCelTroll says:

      Another proof that you can’t have both gold ammo and arty in the game. It’s one or the other. No alternatives.

    • bbmoose says:

      I never felt it that way too. I’m not a bad player, but I have a 40% winrate in the E5 (unlucky with the MM I guess…). Constantly getting penned frontally and every hit causes ammorackdamage. Everyone is just shooting gold at it’s lower plate and cupola. It has a nice gun and nice mobility, but I only feel really powerfull against tier 8’s.

      They should have nerfed it differently. Just nerf the lower plate, but that tumor on top is way to obvious. You can’t hide it, you can’t go hulldown anymore. Weakening the lower plate would require skill to effectively use the armor, just like on the German tanks.

    • viper_invader_1 says:

      The reason for the nerf is because the t110e5 is not intended to be a “tanking” heavy, its supposed to be a support heavy.

  10. heldermartins1 says:

    WG’s revenue will rise, once again, with this Type buff: without a good credit pile or premium account, it will be hard to spam premium ammo at that thing…

    • bbmoose says:

      Just don’t face it frontally. If that is possible in this corridors meta…

      • heldermartins1 says:

        I dont usually spam premium, I prefer to spam HE at that tier. And for what I can see, Type players never travel alone, so, going around it in a tier 9/10 HT is not the easiest thing in WoT.

  11. i suppose the delay is cosmetic changes to Pzkw 7 ? personally i would prefer VK45.02B hull and a stretched Version of Löwe turret

  12. Han_Y0lo says:

    Well, the extra time will give me the chance to two-mark my VK 28.01. Because, after the gun nerf, I might be reluctant to play this (or the T37) much. Time will tell. And, no, the sky isn’t falling. The game will still be fun – and that’s what it’s about for me.

  13. Thomas A. says:

    But what about the Type 4? It still gets bully by all frontally.

  14. tazilon says:

    Everyone can enjoy Scouts before they ruin them even more.

  15. Anonymous says:

    aint gonna play till this patch lands, too many grilles and E5s atm spamming heat and enjoying OP tanks

  16. Henry_Kysel says:

    Are we sure it will be pushed to March? Need to know how much time do i have for the Mause grind..

  17. Legit2me says:

    Type 5 armor buff I’m not looking forward to at all (nor it’s derp gun because that’s just stupid in any heavy tank (KV2, OI, etc)) in my opinion, but it’s the changes to light tanks that have me rather upset. They didn’t need it and we didn’t need tier 9 and 10 light tanks. Just fix the view range of all other non light tanks and it would have been solved for them to have their role they were intended for. RIP pre 9.17.1 light tank play.

    The other changes I do like and I think will be good for the game.

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