34 comments on “9.17.1 Release Date

  1. Moondiver says:

    Are you sure it WoT and not Warship?

  2. BatelGeuce says:

    Wtf are they smoking (or you maybe) ? They said that due to the third iteration of the common test the release date of the patch is pushed to the beggining of March.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they introduce type 5, maus, and new german heavies they gonna mess the game balance completely. At first look, that guy Slava Makarov seemed like not the brightest guy ever, now I see I wasn’t wrong 2 bad.

  4. Uuuhhh says:

    Why do they even do the common test? Everyone fires gold on there. If they try to use that data they’ll only overbuff things like the 3200hp maus with thicker armor and an insane gun.

  5. Znieh says:

    Seems everyone else is saying the 22nd for RU and a day later for EU/NA.

  6. Thomas says:

    arty thing is on sandbox server and not coming to real WOT for a long time (well at least not until summer)

  7. DeadArashi says:

    Errr so what happened to that third iteration of the test server and the info that 9.17.1 was pushed back to march?

    • what’s this third iteration of the test server people are talking about? ~(o. O)~

      • DeadArashi says:

        apparently like last week (I think?) it was announced that the 9.17.1 patch was delayed until March to allow for a 3rd iteration of the test server… which i agree is needed

      • gotcha, thanks Deadarashi! yeah, there are quite a few issues here and there, nothing a few lines of code won’t fix. Funny enough, the best test server is not any kind of test server but the public server. Maybe that’s what some of their devs are calling the third iteration of the test server and wargaming are just disguising it as a patch so as to keep the content rolling.

  8. tasaid says:

    so this means… Asia server on 22nd of March?

  9. Last chance to unlock the Mighty Maus for any of you slackers out there 😛 All that xp on your vk b is going to go straight to the new tier x German heavy

    • viper_invader_1 says:

      I don’t want the maus- I am saving all my vk b xp for the PZ 7, not cause its signifigantly better or anything- I just wanna say “i was one of the first to have the pz 7”

      • Slimez40K says:

        iF you unlock tjhe Maus you get the VK100 and Mouchen nlocked to automatically – which saves XP in the long run…. just grind enough for both 😉

    • alright, sure, don’t get a hyper buffed maus you boring person.

      jk, nothing wrong in getting the pz 7 if you really like it, only reason i’m saying to unlock the maus now is otherwise you need to re-grind tier 8 and 9 with the new mini maus’ and they are probably no where near as fun as the vk b pre-patch changes. Great thing about the post patch maus will be that it will help you go through personal heavy tank missions easily especially without having to grind up the very unique japanese super heavy line if you’re already at the vk b.

  10. @DecoNoir, thanks for helping us know when the new patch is coming out, helps a great deal in being prepared!

  11. parabullet says:

    i’m waiting for the t28 prototype changes

  12. Fianii NA says:

    Good, time to finish off that Maus grind

  13. Swiss cheese says:

    Just inkomen the type 5; let the derp begin!!

  14. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    *** Dumb question alert ***

    Has anyone heard if the STRV S1 is coming in 9.17.1?

  15. le3ky says:

    Rip E5 and Grille

  16. Jurrunio says:

    SEA won’t get that patch until April anyway

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  18. Jason says:

    So ready for my type 5 upgrade. The Japanese line was off the chain at oil then fell off the cliff with type 4&5

  19. Jason says:

    Already got my Spall liner and type 5 waiting for release

  20. Markus M says:

    1 day for update, is it 22 or not, any new info? 😀 and do you know what will happen to mods… does this affect mods aswell again? i wont play a game i withouth automatic crew return , equipment, and i want that 3 line carousel with option to put tanks in reserve… Those changes that i read, i think they dont affect those mods, but but…. any idea if there is “improvements” (read changes) in garage that effects mods?

  21. Anonymous says:

    calm the f down!

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