10 thoughts on “9.17 – 9.17.1 Speed Comparison

  1. morganakis_gr says:

    ok its good to see news but not accepting news from users even when they send by email its at least arrogant. i send you a video from a battle with spotted liberte without camo on eu server and you not even mention it gjob.


  2. morganakis_gr says:

    its not about that. how often you see one without camo? i buy one with camo. so when i see the liberte with regular camo i send the battle replay here but the ignoring is on


  3. torturebear says:

    Well… VK nerf on speed. Sad to read since it was used by us with some success as a surprising pushing power when you take oil and push a flank with 4 x VK 7201 which are reaching your preferred position faster than expected and are therefore a nasty surprise. Followed by AMX 50Bs as fast flankers and the APCR premium ammo (T57 are nice but HEAT was back in the days a bad thing since flanking means sides means tracks and spaced armor so APCR was way more reliable, and T57s are way slower).

    Well well… German tanks may get armor buffs and we will see how it is going to work then.
    Don’t see the big advantage of the VK 72 over the E 100 – actually with those changes the old sparky 100 looks more reliable and has more dpm and more HP. Just the turret of the VK is a bit sneaky but when you play against hardened veterans it is as sneaky as the Maus turret – means not at all.


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