Supertest Stats- Thunderbolt VII


Straight from supertest, here are the stats for a variant of the Easy 8, this specific one modeled after the tank commanded by Creighton Abrams during the latter part of WW2.


Tier VI
HP: 750
Speed: + 42 / -18 kph
Hull Traverse: 44 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 38 ° / s
Hull Armor: 123/38/38 mm
Turret Armor: 177 / 63/63 mm
View Range: 370m

DMG: 115/115/185
Penetration: 128/177/38 mm
Reloading: 3.6 sec
Accuracy: 0.38
Aim Time: 2.1 s

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  1. BattleBudgie says:

    Lol, Super Pershing banged a poor Easy Eight. So is it going to be a premium?

    • Anonymous says:

      this is what they should have always done for nations with a “limited” pool of vehicles available, hope they introduce a bit of history in the vehicle description about who was Creighton Abrams and what he did to “deserve” a place in WoT

    • this is what they should have always done for nations with a “limited” pool of vehicles available, hope they introduce a bit of history in the vehicle description about who was Creighton Abrams and what he did to “deserve” a place in WoT

      • tango35 says:

        Colonel Creighton Abrams commanded the 37th Tank Battalion in World War II. His unit spearheaded the break through to Bastogne during the Battle of the Bugle relieving the 101st Airborne Division.

        General George Patton considered the Colonel to be the best tank commander in the world.

        Abrams commanded other combat units in the Korean and Vietnam wars. He attained the rank of General and became the US Army’s Chief of Staff in 1972. The US Army’s M1 series of main battle tanks, the Abrams, are named after him.

  2. Krish says:

    looks nice!

  3. Deano says:

    wow thats a really cool looking little tank

  4. betterdead thanred says:

    looks really cool
    but if it has bad speed to compensate for high armour, it will be outgunned and outflanked by enemy if the shit hits the fan, and 3.6 reload sounds a bit low. 3.2 is standard for the tier 6 shermans+fury
    feel like all the tier 6 shermans are like tier ”5.5”

    hope they will buff them somehow, M4A3E8 has among the best dpm in tier 6 i believe?

    • zombietropa says:

      I think its how WG is balancing out the extra armour. The reload on the Tunderbolt atm is better than the Sherman Jumbo with the first 76mil and the base turret (best config for that tank imho). I think that the Thunderbolt will slot between the Easy 8 and the Jumbo in terms of armour, mobility and firepower (have to wait for the rest of the stats to find out tho).

      In terms of buffing the Shermans, I’m not entirely sure how WG can go about it. A buff to damage would mean they have to nerf its RoF, which makes the E8 special in my eyes. The Jumbo goes around making T6 HTs cry. And the Firefly is a nice support medium. Better terrain resistances would be nice I suppose.

      • Most important buff the shermans need is pen as their base pen even struggles against some tier 6s and their premium is pretty useless against most tier 8 heavies and even some mediums…

      • zombietropa says:

        Okay, pen and terrain resistances 😛

      • themadkitten says:

        ” their premium is pretty useless against most tier 8 heavies”
        … Sorry I vomited a bit
        Are you saying a tier VI Med should be able to pen a Tier 8 Heavy ?

      • sfcstorm says:

        Its ROF doesnt make it special, it makes it weak. Its 128mm Pen at 115 DMG is simply not good vs the Croms 145 pen 150 alpha 130 alpha at 3.9 secs.

        Also the Crom has a 200mm gold shell vs a 177. The Firefly has a 171mm /150 alpha as a standard and no one thinks its OP.

        Since they now dont use Pen as historic figures and only as “Balance” it needs to have a much better pen than the Cromwell, I think at 150mm. Then its low 115 DMG would be cool.

        The Ez8 has simply been powercreeped all to hell. It has remained the same tank since Beta.

        The only other Idea would be to make it more like the Pershing/T29 hard head with depression, where it has the 170+mm turret like many had and can eat rounds reliably. Right now its a hill fighter with paper armor, low pen and low DMG…Its just not good.

        Cromwell eats it for lunch in speed and firepower, and T34-85 eats it in brawling.

        Hopefully this 130mm hull 170+mm turret will equate to a very tough T26e5 feel, where it actually can use its armor on hills.

      • zombietropa says:

        The RoF gives it the best DPM in class at its tier. Yet it makes it weak?! You miss or fail to pen, you don’t have to wait that long to send the next shell on its way. Quantity is a quality all of its own after all.

        Has best DPM and dispersions in class at its tier, yet somehow gets beaten by the T-34-85 in a brawl? Has never happened to me. And the Cromwell has a better gun. In pure terms of pen, yeah, it does. But actually hitting something with the gun of a Cromwell reliably? Good luck with that.

        Yes the pen is worst in class, but how much actual pen do you need at T6? Do you need to go through the front of an IS-3? No, that’s not your job. Against other T6 meds (apart from the proto-Panther and the Jumbo from the front), the E8 has enough to deal with them at most ranges. It doesn’t need better pen than the Cromwell. And T6 heavies aren’t that hard to pen either.

  5. killswitch95 says:

    So… now there’s going to be literally 3 M4A3E8’s… and I’m going to own them all because I think the E8 is possibly the sexiest tank we ever made… (I’m a sucker for its beefy suspension, and sharp lines)

  6. StyleZ says:

    Right, T-54’s, Soviet prem heavies and German prem TD’s were getting into lead too fast, so we have to have another variant of Sherman. Thanx, I was already afraid.

  7. otakubouzu says:


  8. Thunderbolt747 says:

    seeing as how my in game name is thunderbolt747, I will likely be picking this up, just for the name.

  9. Anonymous says:

    emh… lost usage rights of “Fury” ?

  10. Bricktop says:

    That is a piece of a fine looking tank. Going to pick it up for tier 6 memes as I can’t stand gun handling of Cromwell b.

  11. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    Oh look yet another Sherman variant, why don’t they just give a Sherman variant to each nation, I’m pretty sure they could.

    • whitebaron777 says:

      Actually if a Yugoslav tree ever gets implemented, a Sherman with a soviet 122 is a likely tier 7. Be careful what you wish for

      • IRON says:

        …And if wargaming want to finally fulfill the french medium line (at tier 6 and 7..), the candidates are.. Shermans too! X) since french army in the 50’s was looking for ways to improve the bunch they had from US after WW2.

        T6 should have a 75 gun with 156 mm pen, and better view range than the other shermans (so approximatively 380m) since optics and commanders cupolas were improved.

        T7 would have the AMX 13 75 turret with the same autoloader! So 6 shots clip (IRL 12, but IG the half for balance) with 156 mm pen (because that’s what it should be):

  12. rad chicken says:

    I saw the Thunderbolt VII when I was a little kid and I have a picture of it so naturally I am going to immediately buy this tank : )

  13. mredweird says:

    Whoa, that’s gorgeous. I love the applique armor on the hull front and sides and on the turret.

  14. Anonymous says:

    the next premium shit .. just everything for the money .. this game gone bad this days FTR write about the “Dead Game” and he is sooo right …

  15. I think they mounted the turret backwards lol 185mm rear armor…

  16. give us Michael Wittmann SS Tiger

  17. peripsen says:

    world of premium tanks… idiot WG

    • Celtic says:

      Well if you want to fund the company yourself, go for it. You can also explain to the masses how you’re going to stop the release of historical tanks because you’re butt hurt over the sale of premiums.

  18. mredweird says:

    That 120+mm armor on the front seems to cover the entire surface – look at the armor seam. The angled plates on the lower part are probs another 15+mm, which probably makes this the best armor tier 6 medium when you count the spaced armor plates on the side and turret.

    • zombietropa says:

      I think the quoted armour stats for the turret count the spaced armour too. Even tho this is an uparmoured E8, I think that the Jumbo is still better (armour wise), as its got better turret armour (if you take the stock turret), as well as better side armour, so you can angle it more than the Thunderbolt.

  19. zombietropa says:

    While this looks very pretty, I am still waiting for the M36B1…

  20. 128 pen…. all these tanks a SHIT

  21. DeadArashi says:

    Not gonna lie, when I saw “thunderbolt”” in the email i was hoping for the AC 3 Thunderbolt with its 25pdr gun… guess ill go back to wishing

  22. thebeatles0100 says:

    i love it,

  23. james doz says:

    someone just missed up the turret armor with the damage values

  24. lafie says:

    I’d probably buy it. All depends on the asking price of course.

  25. Luis Carlos says:

    ANd here I am still waiting for my e8 hd model.. whanks WG

  26. Anonymous says:

    huh, what a coincidence, just yesterday i was thinking to myself if they would ever put this in the game.

  27. Elliott Hall says:

    I remember mentioning this tank on the wot forums about 2 years ago and it’s finally here 🙂 TAKE MY MONEY!

  28. jigzy84 says:

    I hope they sell this with a BIA crew like the other tanks such as Rudy

  29. thebeatles0100 says:

    oh dear god, i want E8 in HD now plz

  30. so ist now becoming pay to win with premium tanks being better than the GRIND tanks…ever seen T32 since the PATRIOT arrived?

  31. nrnstraswa says:

    Oh that tank looks nice. Yes I’m hoping it gets a special BiA crew like the Berlin quartet.

  32. Killer7 says:

    It a kinda like an E8 variant of the patriot

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