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  1. Assault_Cat says:

    So, you cant get from the T-54 Light to the T-54 anymore? Thats harsh.

  2. Tachenk0 says:

    What is the point of T-54 Lgtwt on tier IX? In what is he better than regular T-54?? Why should you even want to play it!

  3. jenik2398 says:


  4. JonseyMcDanes says:

    For the love of all that is holy, please make the bc-12t better than the 13-90

  5. john says:

    will the Japanese light tank line ever go to tier 10?

    • skivster says:

      Pray tell, do they have any nonfictional nonfantasy tanks?

      • ShiftyOne says:

        Oh yes, they have a whole line planned out. They’ll be just as big as the Japanese heavies. They’ll be called O-Ha, O-No, and O-Yea. Just image the battlefield full of giant tanks, speeding through the fields of Campinoka.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What are the chances this will be implemented in the next patch update?

    • genocide says:

      so far nothing has ever been implemented from any sandbox alliteration, this years and the last years one so take a wild a guess

  7. Wulf Corbett says:

    So what happens if you already have the T-54 Lwt? Do you get a boost to T9? what about the ‘missing link’ lower down the tech tree?Same for all the other trees, of course.

  8. Aragart says:

    Time to grind 13.90 now and save ~ 240k exp for tier 10 while 13.90 is still a great tank ^^

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  10. marianr87 says:

    So what tank will fill in the void in the American LT tech tree, the T 92 LT at tier 7?

  11. G_host says:

    so french tier 6 becomes tier 8?

  12. Noidea says:

    so no leo PTA form the RU line? awo

  13. metalscourge says:

    Please put t92 as tier 7. We don’t need another t71 clone…tbh the cmdc looks pretty generic

  14. Infernal969 says:

    Oh yeah, let’s have two medium lines researchable only from a light tank because we need to make more premiums.

  15. hemihaynes says:

    Obviously this just the test server, but is there no Tier 6-8 medium french tanks that aren’t totally fake to fill from the Renault G1 to the 30 1er. Having to grind 3 tanks off one tank. Granted the Russian T-34 also grind into 3 tanks, something I hope to see changed as well during the light rework.

    • RAD FROOD 25 says:

      You could have the Lorraine G1-L at tier 6 and the AMX-45 at tier 7 when it was designed as a medium tank rather than a heavy

  16. 8fly8 says:

    I would like to see those lines starting from tier 6. I find it still a bit confusing, what will happen to those tanks? What about MT-25, what comes before Bulldog, the French line and what happens to SP I C??
    I’d like to see those changes present on this picture too.

    • Nafre says:

      Mt25 and sp1c stay where they are. The Russians get a new tier 7 and the Germans get a new tier 8 as you can see.
      All the lights get a rebalance.
      Bit odd that the swapped the 13 90 and bat 12t around. I expect a weaker 90mm at tier 8 or a much improved 90mm on tier 9. But if I remember right the 13 90 has only 4 rounds in the clip now

    • StyleZ says:

      On Sandbox there is nothing lower than Tier8 so you cannot see anything which will be on Tier7 and lower.

  17. OrigamiChik3n says:

    What about tier 7? What will replace Bulldog?

    • Nafre says:

      Think the t71 or t92. We’ve got I think another grand final light this year. I’m expecting the t92 as the gf tank as it has better cammo (ie special paint)
      Think the cmcd was a premium on super test before so it’s all speculations now. Bar the t92 and t71 cmcd none of the new lights were ever shown as premiums

  18. Angel.us says:

    We can see your WG SB ID i hope you are allowed to post it 🙂

  19. Koneko Da Best says:

    what are the gun stats for the sheridan

  20. DFAULT says:

    So what will happen to all the players with top tier LTs? will the be put into tier 9 or are hey going to start in tier8?

  21. Basih says:

    WZ-132-1 looks like a medium tank… but fast… and camo.. my god.. it’s perfect.

  22. Anonymous says:

    all this is wrong change!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    o dont agree for this

  23. Anonymous says:

    i dont agree for this!

  24. KT375 says:

    What happens to a user who currently has the amx1390 and the BC25t-AP like me now? Do i have to grund through BC 12t +1390 to get my fully unlocked AMX1390 again?

  25. LordofDiscord says:

    All the players thinking that if they build up xp on the T54lwt/RU251 etc now and will have already unlocked the tier x when its released had better be REAL careful.Most likely is that the xp gathered will transfer to the replacement tier 8 unless people can actually give a link to a confirmation of that from WG. Statements like this purporting to be fact will lead to a lot of players having unuseable except for gold xp.: Assault_Cat says:
    “I can tell you that. You will just keep your T-54 Lwt and be on Tier 9, and you keep all your farmed xp on that. And you will have unlocked the Tier 8 tank.”
    Sorry Assault_Cat but you dont know that and are giving an opinion as if its fact.It is HIGHLY unlikely that they will effectively allow players to grind a tierX tank with a tierVIII.
    People maybe confused because they were able to grind the new tier x German heavy from the tier 9 and keep the xp accrued.Thats different…it didn’t involve jumping a tier

  26. Syne1127 says:

    What comes before those tanks?

  27. DJ Stean says:

    Damn…I’d started grinding the Russian lights for having the T54 light AND getting the T-62a/Object 140. Same with the American lights, where I wanted to have at least one light tank AND going straight to the T57 Heavy. Seems like I’ve to hurry a bit.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Someone know how many XP to grind?

  29. Johnduff says:

    Someone know how many xp to grind?

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