Strongholds- Advances Test


Quick announcment from Mr. Conway on the EU forums:


We will be running a test for the new Advances mode that is being introduced as part of our Renewed Strongholdsthis evening and would love for as many clans as possible to participate.

  • Read our Advances guide to find out how to play the new mode.
  • It will only be possible to play one round of Advances this evening
  • In order to participate you need to have your Detachment ready and push the battle button before 21:00 CET

Good luck and have fun! :izmena:

4 comments on “Strongholds- Advances Test

  1. James k says:

    So is that EU server only?

  2. grekus says:

    Set test for 21:00 when CW is played, ask for as many clans as possible to participate.
    WG logic 😀

  3. Macem Starius says:

    34k of resouces in 50 minutes 😀

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