35 comments on “WoT Reworked Mines map Teaser

  1. madogthefirst says:

    I don’t get it, why is it mine replaced with a castle?

  2. A Dude says:

    Should call the map “Castles” now.

  3. i have hit a small gold mine.

  4. Rush B!!! says:

    Map is good as it is.. pls don’t it st*** wg.

  5. nyso88 says:

    Looks sexy:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    For the love of god can’t we get a new map?

  7. 31B442SV5 says:

    For the love of God! Can’t we just get a new map?

  8. Looks like shit. I love mines. Don’t fuck it up.

  9. Pangzhu says:

    I don’t know… everytime they change mines they make it easier to get hit by artillery.
    the round edges of the castle make it impossible to press the incline towards the hill without the promise of a shell with your name on…

  10. w says:

    ofc they have to remove even more trees to force close fights even harder…..just buy the new defender

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nonononononono … LARGER MAPS NEEDED What the fuck you gonna do with bottom tier paper tds against t10 meds and lights?!

  12. unable2pwn says:

    All talk no change on the map front, lets be real. They keep concepting new things and never releasing them.

  13. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Plot twist : its for console only because in the end the “target audience” still cant afford half decent computers in an era where PC gaming becomes cheaper and cheaper.

    Looking good tho, unless you’re an arty driver. Remember this class is going to be so nerfed it wont do damages anymore, and if now it cant even aim at anything because they start adding walls everywhere might as well remove the class.
    This rework was directed by Donald Trump, because even a little mine alone on a hill needs walls to be safe.

    • Wargaming already announced they were upping the game’s graphics at new years, looks like they found a way around bad computers or are prepared to shove off a minority of their population since they are also players that have 40% winrates due to their potato pc’s.

      Artillery is anything but useless, had no trouble on the sandbox getting top damage so it’s more of a personal problem because great thing about the artillery changes is that you can reliably hit/splash targets so it compensates for alpha damage changes. Players that have tiny hands and can’t reach both their mouse and wasd keys will be fairly upset with artillery changes is all.

      • Xavier says:

        “Wargaming already announced they were upping the game’s graphics at new years”
        Remember when they said they were gonna add havok? Still waiting for that after what? 4 years?

      • Long time to hold a grudge, six more years and you’ll have the stubbornness of the American government in holding grudges against countries for technologies they don’t have.


        Well, to help keep you triggered, here at 1:25 at new years they said they would implement a format of Havok physics with the HD map reworks. Not sure how or what, it’s just an arbitrary name so it could mean anything if you really care that much about it.

  14. the part in the back reminds me of the Province map

  15. Winterx says:

    Of all the maps that need fixing… Mines was never a part.

    • loserdestiny says:

      Srsly? Worst map in game. The higher tier the worse the gameplay it delivers. When was a “king of the mountain” map ever a good idea?

      • King of the mountain is popular in almost every battle royal format game, Halo, Arma, Team fortress, it’s a good mode for players that like a brawl in their arcade games. That said, the map does suffer at higher tiers but no where near as bad as some of the maps wargaming has removed or changed previously.

      • Asghaad says:

        @Lucas : and guess what all of those games you listed have in common – unified speed for all players … guess what KOTH means in WOT – the side with more fast tanks wins the hill and most likely wins the map …

  16. loserdestiny says:

    It’s still a fucking “king of the mountain” map, nothing can help it. Worst map in the game.

  17. PUNISHR989 says:

    OMG yes. yes baby yes.

  18. jigzy84 says:

    Looks like they have made changes that will be detrimental to game play, but that will be ignored as it appears “sexy”

  19. hateallyouwantwontbereadingyourcommentsanyway says:

    A lot of you should just stop coming here and stop playing wot, cause you always just se the negative side of EVERYTHING…it doesnt matter what Wargaming does, or what Rita or here friends post here, if the change the matchmaker, change arty, take arty away…it will never do, you will always find things to complain about no matter what…Its just sad how the ones regognizing themselves reading this can just focus so wrong..go and do something that makes you happy instead, or do you love being a negative person perhaps?

  20. Elliott Hall says:

    It looks great, if they just remove the castle and turn it into a hill again it would be perfect

  21. TheMightyTickle says:

    WoW ! The russians finaly found a “Computer” that not includes an Cyrix processor to work with. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    This might be something good, realy…

  22. PeterSmith says:

    Willies!? Should the game now be 16+ only ???

  23. Bread says:

    Very Beautiful, Very Talented, NOW focus on MM and RNG

  24. tango35 says:

    Brawling castle?!?!?

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