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Good day everyone,

Some news from the Chinese server. The owners of the server, KongZhong, have held a press confrince showing off an new branch for the Chinese tech tree, tank destroyers!


However, according to Anton Pankov (source) these will be exclusive to the Chinese server.

Nonetheless, the visual models should be out around April, with the line coming in October for the Chinese Day of Education.

We’ll be sure to post any updates.

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  1. Uuuhhh says:

    Looks like a jagdtiger slept with the soviet TD line and left the kids in an orphanage in china.

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well these are all probably fakes so not a problem if we dont get them.
    China could aswell make their own WoT so they can’t influence the devs anymore.

  3. Those are fake. They look like cheap copies of the SU-122-44 and a slightly worse ISU-152. C’mon guys, if they didn’t exist don’t add them

    • World of tanks is a fantasy arcade, not a historical simulator. From the looks of it, if chinese tank development had continued independent from the soviets, redesigning old models into tank destroyers would have been the logical conclusion. Sorry if this breaks the immersion for you.

      • I know it’s not a simulator, I play a little bit WT now and then, and a lot of tanks were in blueprints and some of them were complete fakes cough cough Pz. Kpfw VII, but it’s a bit boring to see more clones, know what I mean? Like all the IS-3/6 clones nowadays

      • Mk, kind of what happens when you have over 400 tank designs in a game not including all the module variations. There were a limited number of tanks produced that qualify their own line without creating something repetitive in gameplay. The polish line is a good example where the initial tiers might be unique, late war designs would be identical tank designs to existing centurions or at least be the same gameplay tactically and strategically. The Pz Kpfw VII was not entirely fake, design speculations were drafted for the tank although more people might recognize the tank if it were called a lowe draft/design.

        I don’t think clones means what you think it does but to a degree, I get what you’re trying to say, the IS-6, IS-3A, IS-3, IS-5, 110, and obj 252 U are each distinct in tactics, fundamentally the same strategically (brawling, but there are a lot of brawling tanks in the game). The only clone is the IS-6B. IS-6 is pref. Mm, low penetration flank/brawl heavy, very mediocre against equal and higher tiered opponents. IS-3 is more of a brute force peekaboom tank, hulldown focused. IS-3A is pretty similar but loses mobillity and turret armor to maintain better dpm. IS-5 is more armor focused. And the 252U takes hull armor and peek a booming to an absurd scale to be more of a juggernaught than a flex/hulldown tank like the IS-3. I could go more in depth, and include armor scheme differences but differentiating tanks comes down to perspective. A decent player will never gun it out with an IS-3A like an IS-3 but make use of the tank’s poor mobillity, gunhandling, and side turret armor relative to the IS-3 against the IS-3A for example.

      • Maybe it’s because of the iconic pike nose design everyone lumps all those tanks together. If you looked at german heavy tanks and mediums from the E50 line, almost any french autoloader, british universal design heavies, mediums, and td’s. One could say 90% of the tanks in the game are just clones of one another.

      • Jesus Christ dude, way to try and prove everyone that you know what your talking about, if you are trying to start an argument that was just stating in an opinion on a comment section that is about general options and thoughts, you should clearly get a new hobby man.

      • Well I should say that I was sharing my opinion on this particular topic, I wasn’t looking for a novella stating that my personal opinion is wrong.

      • Sorry, but you aren’t making any opinions, you keep making absolute statements, didn’t want to have an argument which is why I tried covering every base of my reply. Maybe you’re trying to misuse sarcasm and calling it an opinion? Anyways, you made absolute statements that the Pz. Kpfw VII was a complete fake and that there was an abundance of IS-3/IS-6 clones. If you had said, “They look fake” or “There are maybe too many tanks similar to russian existing tank designs” Then those are indeed opinions and not “alternate facts.”

      • My apologies if I seem hostile, I really get enthusiastic about thought provoking conversations, we don’t have to continue. Didn’t intend any offense so that’s something I have to work on.

    • JackSavage says:

      Sadly their not fake. It’s been confirmed by the Chinese developers to be Exclusive to the Chinese server. Also those TDs are not historically accurate at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      over half of the tanks in the game didn’t exist, so what is your point?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chinese server has became a big pool which WG earns money from. Most of the players use Tundra mod.Cheap tier8 premium tanks plus 300 penetration make the game bored and frustrating.

  5. Anonymous says:

    fake tank.fake game. fake server. All fake. lol

  6. cluster626 says:

    Chinese WoT is already more or less a separate server, including:
    (1). 300mm average penetration for HEAT rounds on all Chinese 122mm gun (like 112, WZ-111 and T-34-3) with REDUCED shell cost (you make a lot of money by using only HEAT) if you pen around 7/10 of the shells
    (2). Chinese WoT has been given some of the old maps that are no longer available for us to play.
    (3). You basically can get any tank in the game if you pay for it. For example T-55A is like 80 dollars, VK72.01K and M60 for 30 dollars each, Type 59 gold for 800 dollars, even the chieftain (fv215b replacement candidate) for about the same price as a type 59 gold

    • Mad dog tannen says:

      This says a lot about chenese people.

      • Akina90 says:

        m8 you went too far on the stereotype. 🙂

        The Chinese gaming market is built to milk much money as possible and the rich ones who can afford always go for pay2win; furthermore MMOs in PRC usually won’t have long lifespan

      • Psychopatton says:

        I don’t think that says anything about the Chinese people. You suggesting it says more about you..

    • chieftain is about $1500 mk6 and u can buy any tank you want even it is a reward in clan war, but they don’t have any service for free xp now.

      • cluster626 says:

        They already have “get 100k free exp when your order exceeds CNY 500 or something like that

      • cluster626 says:

        Also you are right about chieftain price, it’s much more than $800. Interestingly even $1500 is for T95 chieftain, the real chieftain (chieftain mk6, the one to replace 215b) cost more than $3000 when initially for sale

  7. Mad dog tannen says:

    Seriously, if they bring chinese TDs in, before Japanese which mostly actually existed, I will flip my shit!

    • rubberboas says:

      This goes back to why china was introduced first in the first place. Chinese design records and documents weren’t destroyed by being in the loosing side of the war. A lot of Japanese designs were, and it is extremely hard to get details from the few people who know about it

      • Mad dog tannen says:

        Yeah, but war thunder got them.

      • Akina90 says:

        IJN designs for TD are limit to low tiers so WG have to pull shit out of their ass to make up the high tiers.

        (same can be said to KZ with the Chinese line, but KZ is worse by not doing much research and pull lots of shit out.)

    • China has a subtle distaste for japan and its products, it has a little thing to do with bad history.

      • "Light" tank-player says:

        In response to Akina90, Jap TDs can go to at least tier 6 with actual vehicles that are photographed and built, and possibly even all the way to tier 10; however I am not 100% sure about anything past Tier 6 actually having been built, or just being blueprints.

  8. Rush B!!! says:

    Only positive thing about China wot is that they got still the lovely maps that was removed.. serious wg bring back south coast and pearl river at least!! Ffs

  9. Anonymous says:

    They said 59-Patton, and Patriot will be Chinese and American server exclusive as well. Nothing is server exclusive for WG, not anymore. It is just matter of the time, when it makes it’s way to the other servers…

  10. Anonymous says:

    why not realased in EU server

  11. VladCelTroll says:

    I used to think that WG was slightly Russian-biased. Of course, until I fought against the Object 252U all alone and beat the living crap out of it.

    I retreat my words. Thank God we won’t get any of these monstrosities in our game. They seem to be both fake and OP (last one is just a guess).


    • Shade01982 says:

      This might actually be one of the few things you can’t blame WG for. The Chinese server is almost completely out of their control…

    • A lot of 252U drivers are wallet warriors, try fighting in teambattles and skirmishes and even the decent players roll you if you don’t press the 2 key to fight pay2win with pay2win.

      • Bricktop says:

        Reason you see so many 46%s driving them is dumb youtubers creating hype and myths about Defenders. Any actual half-decent player went to tanks.gg, saw real statistics and armor values and went back to premium shop to buy himself a patriot lol

      • I think we should limit the gold rounds carrying in SH and those matches

  12. dinepada says:

    we want more tanks, but not these please

  13. We dont need more clones of the ISU line aniway…

  14. At the end of the day, world of tanks is not a historical simulator. Historical accuracy is always a plus but gameplay and experiencing the core thrill of steel on steel demolition is the main focus. I think a lot of people forget the game is supposed to be a fantasy arcade and get lost in the fact that world of tanks is a game that runs on pumping out content to its targeted community. Just like a russian server creating a lot of russian tanks for its russian community, if the chinese market is valuable enough then new tank lines should be introduced. Also, the chinese hate the Japanese, not as much as historically, but they can hold a grudge, so probably very limited new japanese tanks that aren’t comedic to indirectly insult japan.

    It’s a good thing, more servers with more unique tanks create limited testing grounds for new tanks. More content in free to play games is always grand.

  15. Charcharo says:

    I really want these.
    For all the silly memes, the Chinese heavies and MTs offer different, interesting GAMEPLAY (not looks I admit) and are interesting to me to play. They also look good to me.

    I want these TDs in the game. Simple as that. I wanted a more refined Chinese tech tree but I guess the haters get what they want… even if it affects my fun 🙁

  16. Steve says:

    I’m sure that the rest of WoT will get these at some point. Yeah, they’ll mostly be relegated to copies, but we’re mostly down to new Tech trees and lines that will be mostly paper (except for low tier Italians and an Israeli tree). Basically, if you want new lines and branches, get used to copies and paper.

  17. Debunk says:

    Chinese server is almost separate from WG and the server is just a big mess. You can buy almost any premium tank here. For example, just pay 1450 dollars or 1350 euros if you wanna play Chieftain MK.VI. M48a2,Obj.907,T-22,Obj.777,only 100 euros.What’s more, buy these tanks can get free public XP. A good example of pay2win. Not to mention the 300-pen HEAT for Chinese 122mm guns and the abuse of illegal plug-ins like tundra mod and arty red spot…… MOST of the players in Chinese server use Tundra mod and some of them think it should become a legal mod.What a pity!

  18. thebugmonster says:

    wait wait wait, this is china, why is everyone annoyed about the chinese doing this??? they practically own the dam game over there in china. I mean have you seen their page? so what if they introduce their own tds, we wont ever see them on other servers.

  19. Statpadderlol says:

    Come on guys and girls, just calm down before you went to the level of racist. Even in Chinese server, players are cursing the KongZhong (which is the owner of the game in Chinese market), because they just have no limit on doing crazy things and throwing shits out. They are horrible MMO company. I played a lot in Chinese server before I came to US for my degree. You know what they did then, they just deleted my account with premium tanks simply because I did not touch my account for 6 months. When I asked for a explanation, they just put they has to release the pressure of their server kinda shits.

    • thats obvious bullshit if they told you that because really the total data storage for one account is likely just a few kilobytes that would take up an unnoticable amount of space on a data server.

  20. wolvenworks says:

    ah KongZhong servers. P2W as ever.

    because all the ethical chinese ppl already left the mainland lol

  21. HMB says:

    Anyone who has lived and worked in China for any time will not be surprised by this. Yes it does say a lot about Chinese people and if you think that’s racist the Chinese people will be laughing themselves stupid at you.

  22. Well not like we would want a Chinese TD line anyway if they’re just Russian clones

  23. Anonymous says:

    The 2 CN TDs looks like SU-122-44 got flattened then pumped up again.

  24. just a guy who used to play says:

    I still w8ing for the chinese tds since they promised to make them in 2015

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