Supertest- Tier 7 Artillery Changes


New stats from supertest covering the Tier 7 artillery and incorperating the new stun mechanic. Here’s what we have:


Tier: 7

HP: 350

Hull Armor: 20/20/10 mm

Hull Traverse: 16°/sec

View Range: 260 m

Speed: +30/-8 kph

Penetration: 52 mm

Damage: 1050

Maximum Stun Time: 28 sec

Stun Radius: 14.3 m

Accuracy: 0.8

Aim Time: 6.2 sec

Reload: 49.5 sec

Crusader SP

Tier: 7

HP: 350

Hull Armor: 28/28/12 mm

Hull Traverse: 32°/sec

View Range: 275 m

Speed: +14/-43.5 kph

Penetration: 35 mm

Damage: 600

Maximum Stun Time: 22 sec

Stun Radius: 9 m

Accuracy: 0.66

Aim Time: 4.8 sec

Reload: 25 sec



Tier: 7

HP: 350

Hull Armor: 60/60/60 mm

Hull Traverse: 20°/sec

View Range: 275 m

Speed: +30/-8 kph

Penetration: 52 mm

Damage: 1050

Maximum Stun Time: 28 sec

Stun Radius: 14.3 m

Accuracy: 0.81

Aim Time: 6.1 sec

Reload: 49 sec


G.W. Panther

Tier: 7

HP: 360

Hull Armor: 50/30/20 mm

Hull Traverse: 26°/sec

View Range: 275 m

Speed: +46/-12 kph

Penetration: 39 mm

Damage: 680

Maximum Stun Time: 18 sec

Stun Radius: 9 m

Accuracy: 0.64

Aim Time: 5.4 sec

Reload: 28 sec



Tier: 7

HP: 350

Hull Armor: 50/19/19 mm

Hull Traverse: 20°/sec

View Range: 270 m

Speed: +38.6/-10 kph

Penetration: 39 mm

Damage: 700

Maximum Stun Time: 23 sec

Stun Radius: 10 m

Accuracy: 0.66

Aim Time: 5.5 sec

Reload: 27.7 sec


Lorr. 155 mle. 50

Tier: 7

HP: 340

Hull Armor: 40/30/20mm

Hull Traverse: 30°/sec

View Range: 270m

Speed: +60/-14kph

Penetration: 39mm

Damage: 700

Maximum Stun Time: 22 sec

Stun Radius: 10m

Accuracy: 0.69

Aim Time: 5 sec

Reload: 29.8 sec

23 comments on “Supertest- Tier 7 Artillery Changes

  1. Bricktop says:

    I still can’t get over arty hitpoints. Why should it be able to take a hit? If they change arty, why don’t they try to minimize getting outspotted by a bush with a big gun and shotgunned to death?

    • SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Do you even read these posts before talking ?
      How do you wanna be shotgunned to death when the tier X wont even do 400dmg on a direct hit :/

      Arty is already becoming a handicap for its team (instead of being a danger to the ennemy team). It’s useless, it doesnt do any damage anymore and the stun is too low and too short to be used by teammates. It’s a waste of team slots, and you’d want it even moe nerfed than it is now :/

      • Bricktop says:

        And in what state it’s not a handicap? After release? Perfectly accurate, quick aiming reliable 1k+ damage from across the map? Right now arty is a handicap if arty player has a bad rng day. On the other hand, it’s a game winning asset when his rng is good. That is why arty is broken. Not OP, broken. Community has to learn to differ these.

      • I’m not saying arty isnt broken I know what it is, not only do you not read the article you don’t even read the comments… You’re asking why arty is even able to take a hit, which basicaly means you’d want their rebalance to also include a hitpoint nerf, when this re”balance” already makes arty so weak it became a burden to its team, unable to really help that much. People are happy because now it cannot do big damages, on the other hand sandbox changes means if you have 3 arties in your team then you’ve got 12 players out of 15 that are useful to the battle.
        Add to that the fact that profitability has not been increased and that the xp they get for assist is still low, and the class went from broken to borderline underpowered. And you’d want it to be nerfed even more…

      • Bricktop says:

        It’s not like major complain mate, calm down. I’m very happy with what’s happening to arty on sandbox. Not sure about 3 arty per battle limit tho, that means 3 arty in every battle if it’s popularity doesn’t drop dramatically. I don’t think it’s underpowered from what I saw on yt, it still pens things like grille for full damage and is much more flexible than on live server with quick aiming times and good accuracy.

  2. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Rita where is the fv304 you never posted on it for tier 6 :/

  3. Berto72 says:

    with new mechanics arty will be more hateful, not less, because easier stun than hit.. and all this just to sell Large Repair kit, that near to no one use in random… pffff

    • eidoss843 says:

      That was very cynical

    • Dontspill McGinnis says:

      So if this new mechanic does get implemented (and it does look like it will) don’t buy any. You won’t have to. It will probably still be better than being one shot.
      Or better still, sign up to the sandbox and try it out first to see what you think.

      • Winterx says:

        Afaik out of own experience as a Tester, once something makes it into “sandboxing” or whatever they call it, it WILL be implemented. So, I’ll be selling off all arty I ever had… yup al two off’em… of 62 tanks currently in my garage – you know: Because using arty was all so easy route, most fun and a highly popular game mode all the along until sandbox… oh wait… ^.^

      • “once something makes it into “sandboxing” or whatever they call it, it WILL be implemented”
        Which is why the penetration/accuracy rework which made it into sandbox has been confirmed to NOT be implemented.

        When someone feels the need to add “by my experience” in their argument it usualy means they don’t have any. Otherwise it would be obvious that they jknow what they’re talking about and they wouldn’t need to *try* to proove it. And you obviously do not have any experience of tester in WoT.

  4. Jimmy deans old samich says:

    Well guess I can use my 200+ rep kits now for a reason instead of just selling them when I feel to lazy to grind credits

  5. Winterx says:

    I can already hear the screams, rants and raves when the 72% winrate people get killed off by lpassing by light and medium tanks due to not having been able to get into a safe position after having been stunned…

    • Mizutayio says:

      That sounds like you don’t understand the stun mechanics, they don’t stun, they merely debuff you, and even then, the debuff isn’t that big anyway, so you’ll shoot a bit slower, you aim a bit slower, and you drive a little bit slower, but that’s about it, don’t forget that a standart first aid kit can remove all stun effects, and it can be used multiple times per battle.

      • Huguenot says:

        But from info in one of the other articles, I thought that they were fiddling around with the first aid kits in this iteration. Iirc, they were reducing the efficacy of premium first aid and totally removing anti-stun from standard kits.

    • the arty rework is basicaly a w

      • way for WG to keep arty into the game without having it do anything in the game. They’ll reward it with xp by doing nothing. They cannot deal damages anymore, and the stun is so ridiculously low and short and so easily countered that it wont help the team in any way and eventualy just piss off the target for 5s.

  6. VladCelTroll says:

    They can still oneshot TDs at their tier. Rip

    • Nocomment says:

      Yes the word is CAN not WILL.
      As in yes its possible, no it won’t be happening all the time just like your TD CAN one shot enemy tanks via an ammo rack.

  7. Noidea says:

    Nice to see the S-51 is still a POS… somethings never change

  8. Looking forward to these changes, the improved accuracy and support mechanics are a definite improvement to these tier 7 artillery since their current states are cripplingly frustrating for both ends of the gun.

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