15 thoughts on “T-54lt Screenshots

      1. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Agreed… Give it 120 frontal armor the real armor it had and give back its 7 degrees of gun depression and the other stats they removed from it..

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      2. They should give back the Type 59’s original 12 degrees of gun depression and 200 mm of frontal armor. The preff mm is waaay too weak on the tank. Needs buff. Increase the penetration to 330 with the real heat penetration it was supposed to have. It should also have advanced Chinese bootleg optics so it can have 445 base view range.

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      3. 59 Patton brings dishonor to family, no buffs

        I’m just kidding haha, I actually really like the frankentank, very hipster and the buffs to its view range and gun are pretty marvelous, kind of like a better armored STA-2 with better vision control. Simply malicious when going around left hand corners.

        I really want to make it clear that I don’t think the Type 59 is overpowered at the moment or severely under powered. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, pref mm with that armor, camo, and mobility combo is just awesome. But the Type 59 certainly doesn’t need a buff when tier 6, 7, and quite a few tier 8 tanks still struggle against it. It’s easy to get lost in the recent premium tank power creep but best not make a bad situation worse.


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