21 comments on “SPG Medal Changes

  1. BoBo The Wonder Chimp says:

    I had a game last night with 5 arties on one side and 4 on the other.

  2. so if you’re in a bottom tier LT, you could potentially get all 4 lol.

  3. "Light" tank-player says:

    These tank aces were pretty amazing to read about.

  4. xlollollolx says:

    I thought they were gonna become those unobtainable medals like the White Tiger medal, Bolter’s medal, Sniper medals. Would be cool if we older players would’ve got more special medals like those

  5. Pangzhu says:

    3 SPGs are still too many. If they cannot get themselves to remove then, at least the shold restrict them to 1-2.

  6. dianner says:

    So… The Burda’s medal I’ve got won’t look that impressive anymore?

  7. misterslate says:

    The should have done with them the same as they did with the old snipers award etc, then created some new medals for killing arty.

  8. Kvasnikov says:

    Awww… My Burda’s medal doesn’t feel so special if this comes true 🙁

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what will happen to the ones you have already earned?

    It’ll be interesting to see what WG decide to do.

  10. its not me says:

    these medal worth more than rasenai medal

  11. I like how the burda’s medal says destroy 3 spg’s and the dumitru’s medal has to explicitly say destroy 3 enemy spg’s. Not saying some idiots might misunderstand….

  12. wolvenworks says:

    so basically 3 arty kills, all 2 tiers higher, with LT, and you basically get all 4 medals if you survive

  13. Bill g says:

    I only get teams of 3 arties when im in the slow tanks/tds & wg also “randomly” put me on an open map.
    Same as “randomly” getting city maps, in scouts of paper tanks.
    When is there a patch to end wgs corruption?
    After 20k games, get new highest dmg +lose.
    Be doing 0dmg +the enemy team all “randomly” die, ensuring wg has balanced your loss rate, whilst screwing you over with min xp

  14. Bill g says:

    Do the japanese get burbake medal for shooting ememy?

  15. yusura1 says:

    damn it i got a burda the effortof killing 5 now seems too easy

  16. rocky3c says:

    That stinks because i got the yoshio tamada medal when it was called the tamada yoshio medal in my t-50-2 in a tier 8 arty only game 😛

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