16 comments on “XM551 Collision Model

  1. mredweird says:

    Hmm…curious. 3mm of spaced armor amounts to noghint but WoT’s game mechanics mean HEAT will lose almost all it’s penetration before it hits the armor becauwe of the distance.

    So…I guess don’t shoot HEAT at the back of this thing 😛

    • WhiteBaron777 says:

      That’s how heat works irl tho. As long as the spaced armor is thick enough to detonate the charge, even very short distances of empty space are enough to turn a concentrated, molten copper stream into a warm, unconcentrated copper sludge splashing over the main armor, doing almost nothing

      • ixb1 says:

        LoL look at this example.

      • mredweird says:

        Yes, I know. But the only part this will be effective over is the rear, which is only useful when running away.

      • WITTE_FREDDY says:

        As I’m working on a thesis about ATGM’s with hollow charge warheads, i feel the need to correct you: the copper does not melt, but plastically deformes into a jet (one of the advantages of copper is the high melting point). Keep learning! 😉

      • WITTE_FREDDY says:

        On top of that, there is a relative difference in speed in the jet: the tip can have a speed up to 10km/s, while the rear (the plug) goes at around 3km/s. If you increase the distance to the main armor, you can imagine the entire thing stretching and eventually breaking up into little pieces. All of those pieces have a lower mass than the entire jet (and you probably know the kinetic energy relies on mass), AND the different pieces can deviate from the course of the original jet, causing different impacts on different spots of the armor and thus lowering the penetration capabilities 😉

  2. Soifon99 says:

    why o why did WG chose this super ugly prototype tank as a model?. why not the normal sheridan? or something less ultra ugly?

    • xlollollolx says:

      i think it’s good thou, cause with the normal Sheridan you wont get the all around space armor, this thing might be really good for those high tier gold spamming MTs, especially the full HEAT BCs

    • Mikosah says:

      Agreed, the normal Sheridan is not only more appropriate and aesthetically pleasing, its also much less bulky. As for the cardboard box’s spaced armor, it looks pretty pointless in most situations. AP and APCR won’t be affected at all. HE will remain a significant threat, and high tier HEAT might get trolled one time out of ten. Maybe one out of five if RNG is on your side that day.

    • Its probably to get attention away from than new super ugly tier 7 soviet light. T-100 also looks like it has been run over by steam roller.

  3. Megaman0_0 says:

    The reason why this thing is so big bulky is because the US wanted to make this thing buoyant enough to actually float and be amphibious in water. However wargaming doesn’t have this feature in wot. So if your not going to implement amphibious capablilites… why even add this model where the main production is much more compact….ooooo scared of missiles?! Just add your same shit ass 152 on that model with same gun characteristics as on this one……

  4. DeadArashi says:

    I say remove the spaced armor and just give us the production hull. Model would be smaller which would mean better camo. I personally don’t see the need for HEAT protection on a LT

  5. CounterMAN says:

    why ppl never understand the production M551 can fire ATGM, which WG never let we have in-game ? If they actually use production M551, that mean it will have many complain about “why Sheridan dont have ATGM” and so on

  6. Anonymous says:

    the space armor is actually deceptive, there are many places that will do no dmg shots if you dont know the internal layout

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