22 comments on “T-103 Early Model Screenshots

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this one of the Su100Y prototypes/counterparts. So it will be a turreted 130mm tank destroyer?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read the post down below. Its going to be like a new skorp G with the 440dmg,200mm pen Ap and 490dmg and 170 Pen Ap prem possibly

  3. Keeshan says:

    What is this… monstrosity?

  4. nrnstraswa says:

    Another Soviet TD? WHY???

    • Brett Brakefield says:

      A Soviet Tier 8 TD that honestly won’t be too bad because the Soviets don’t have a publically available one. Granted, I would much prefer American Tier 8 TD premiums, but hopefully the T-103 isn’t behind a clan wall. But knowing Wargaming, it could be anything.

      • Thomas A. says:

        We need the T4 GMC at tier 8 for US TD.

        Same playslyle of the British Archer.

        Imagine a arty M12 hull and a semi turret similar to the Archer in the back with a 105mm gun.

      • DeadArashi says:

        @THOMAS A

        Or, if WG never plan to make a historical T110 line (which I hope they do), they could use one of the various other designs… or they could make like the T29 Proto and T110E4 and just make up a fake tank


  5. Trigger says:

    Turret PogChamp

  6. DeadArashi says:

    I stand by my thought that it should have same penetration as the SU-100Y and be a tier 6 HT instead of a tier 8 TD

  7. Xavier says:

    It doesn’t take a PhD in physics to know that the first time that gun fires, the turret is getting ripped off of the hull and displaced a meter or so backwards.

  8. Krcmis says:

    Thinnest ussr heavy tank in game? XD

  9. heldermartins1 says:

    I have the SU-100Y and this one is even uglier! And me wants one. The sound of the 130mm… orgasmic!

  10. On one hand, players won’t be derping around in the ISU-152 as much because they will be driving this thing. On the other hand, those ISU-152 crews are going to be really scary. Certainly doesn’t look as noxious as the Skorpion G but hey, if people keep buying these things, wargaming’s going to keep on making them.

  11. Similar to the T-50-2, but with bigger turret? Maybe its another trick? So people will buy this even more…?

    • closer to a cross breed of an SU-100Y and KV-5 with an IS-4 gun, not sure why you’re comparing it to a light tank that has a completely differently angled hull, no r2d2 turrets, and is a quarter of the tank’s size but sure, kind of like a T-50-2 with a bigger everything

  12. PUNISHR989 says:

    Of course they now have a turreted Russian TD. Based on what blue prints or evidence did they get this from or is just another fart from their imagination.

  13. Vedrano says:

    With those 2 cupolas in the front, easy kill tank..

  14. Anon says:

    Who the fuck wants another premium tank? Fix the game balance….

  15. Katyusha454 says:

    Does anybody else think it looks like a giant Strv 43, or is that just me?

  16. Carlos says:

    I think this tank is more of a WG mistake, putting a 130mm cannon causing less alpha damage than a 128mm cannon, and doing the same damage as a 122mm cannon. An Obj.252 (HT) deals 440 damage with a 122mm cannon, and the T-103, (TD) with a huge 130mm cannon, deals only 440 damage, I think it’s ridiculous and I would not buy that, Only if they change their alpha damage, I think that each caliber should have its default damage, from tier 8

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