32 comments on “A Disaster in the Ukraine.

  1. Vedrano says:

    Only in Russi… eh Ukraine…

  2. Rico_Benites says:

    What thank did fire and hit to make this explotion ????

  3. CLAYM0RE says:

    yeah that’s been on for like 2 days, to be honest it’s thier own fault check how stupidly exposed the ammunition were

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you look well you can see Putin in a corner, laughing his ass off.

  5. Frag says:

    You do realize this is likely Russian attempts to destabilize the Ukraine. U guys are so binkered. Rita Ur friends are Putins friends

  6. Enigmaticmuffin says:


  7. Rush B!!! says:

    Counter terrorists failed to defuse the bomb!

  8. DeadArashi says:

    is it wrong to have laughed?

  9. James k says:

    Sorry guys I dropped my cigarette
    That will buff out…

  10. theundying says:

    Anyone care to elaborate what the fuck I’m actually looking at?

    • hardymariner says:

      Ukrainian Tank ammo dump in Kiev explodes with no reported deaths (somehow). Ukrainian officials are blaming Russian backed separatist rebels of planting explosives, however, there is no evidence for such a claim.

      • wremisekrummels says:

        no deaths? really, then how did they guard the depo? im not an army-man, i dont know how it explode, but at least it should be fast enought to harm the persons who work there!

  11. Nazis did it, or Trump…

  12. helldix says:

    Ukrainian space program.

  13. Asandahole says:

    If I had to guess some idiot was smoking while sitting ontop of ammo crate while drinking wodka and his friend said hay watch this trick. A while later we all watch it on the internet

  14. marianr87 says:

    BTW the name of the country is just Ukraine, not THE Ukraine like the USA or the UK and it’s not very united either. 😛

  15. SMGJohn says:

    Should have happened in Kiev instead hopefully taken a few Ukienazis with it.

  16. Zip says:

    Anyone notice the UFO at 3:30 in the second video??? Not a missile as it left no smoke trail and had no glow of rocket thrust…

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