37 comments on “Bonus codes for EU

  1. skivster says:

    And for the NA? :3

  2. Forgot to add “Doesn’t work in NA or ASIA”

  3. Howie says:

    does not work

  4. Many thanks for posting guys

  5. Moo says:

    Seems like it only gives you 1x 100% XP for 1 hour, thus much less exciting than this news post makes it out to be. But still, it’s free so… 🙂

  6. Vedrano says:

    Free stuff.. always good =]

  7. Moo says:

    Thanks! Only gave me 1x 100% XP for 1 hour though, what did you guys get?

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Tango12Bravo says:

    Unfortunately useless for SEA players… BUGGAR! 😉

  10. balexandre says:

    after activating, does anyone sees it in the Personal Reserves? I do not see it, only the one I got with the T25 Pilot 1 mission…

    anyone else?

  11. Aleksi Saikkonen says:

    i got only one and it was 100% and 1 hour

  12. Anonymous says:

    just 1piece not 5 for me

  13. Wulf Corbett says:

    Yes, I have a +300%, but it’s only the one, and for crew…

  14. Havoc199 says:

    Anyone who can’t see it. Log out and back in. Worked for me.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Rita, but it’s not valid anymore.

  16. Vincent van der Ploeg says:

    Still workshop to dag, mandag 27.03.17!

  17. Vincent van der Ploeg says:

    Still works! Mandag 27.03.17!

  18. camaro16 says:

    I got only +100% exp for 1 hour.

  19. Gavrilac says:

    Thanks you, but its not working anymore.

  20. LordofDiscord says:

    Not working on my main account or my partners…both on EU

  21. Gavrilac says:

    Its working, but is 0, not o…

  22. jankokamas100 says:

    its only for 1 1h +100% not 5 2h 300%
    30- times less 🙁

  23. Mario says:

    Hey thanks! Working well on my EU Account. Thank you!

  24. Rush B! says:

    Did anyone got 5 from this? It’s only 1 time double xp for 1 hour for me..

  25. Patata Caliente says:

    Sucessfully redeemed code, but cannot log into the game to check right now, so that will be a surprise for the evening. At any rate, thanks a lot for sharing <3

  26. ItsWeegee says:

    I can’t claim it. It says the code isn’t active. Trying again in 30 minutes

  27. Tundra772 EU Server says:

    Looking for a leFHB2 code for EU, not expired.

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