14 comments on “WZ-132 and T92 HMC HD renders

  1. mredweird says:

    They’re all up on the russian WoT portal.
    I am not seeing anything about Conqueror and Caernarvon and this makes me upset.

    • A Dude says:

      What would you like to see about the Conqueror and Caernarvon? SD renders?

      • mredweird says:

        No, the new models they have been teasing us with for months. They haven’t shown the new turret for the Caernarvon but the new Conqueror model is shown in every episode of Inside the Chieftain’s hatch…

    • Conqueror and Caernarvon are already in HD, there are more important things than vanity fairs

      • mredweird says:

        You didn’t exactly read what I said above did you? The Caern and Conq have been teased to have new turrets. That’s not vanity, that’s functional differences in tanks I want changed.

      • Nocomment says:

        Cearn’ does not have its own turret it has the cax turret bodged onto it when they destroyed the cent’ turret moving to HD. So in this case not at all cosmetic.

      • I posted my reply one minute after you Mredweird, your comment never refreshed on my screen when I clicked post comment, sorry for not constantly refreshing my page every second

      • And NoComment, That still does not disprove my point it is a project of vanity, there is a major rework of artillery and light tanks and you want the Caernarvon to have a small change to a turret to what? Make it more like a T32 or Centurion rather than the novelty that it is at the moment with the AX turret? pardon me for getting my priorities in life wrong.

      • Nocomment says:

        Or… the Cearn as a tank has been constantly shafted since the HD “upgrade” and is in far more need of a proper fix than making some arty look pretty. So yes i maintain your priorities are wrong.

      • Hmm interesting, if you think the changes would be sufficient to make the Caernarvon competitive again, sure, I can agree with what you’re saying. Not entirely confident a turret change would be better than a simple rate of fire increase and ground resistance decrease but I’m not omnipotent. Only reason the Caernarvon and practically every tier 8 heavy has fallen out of favor recently is more down to the recent release of new premium tanks.

      • Nocomment says:

        It’s isnt about what would make it competetive or not. The Cearn lost a good turret and then was partially fixed by the CAX cludge. The a new hopefully good turret* will just put it back where it was to start with. Yes a ROF buff would help the tank as well.

        *The cax turret is fine as long as the tank is pointing up and using gun dep. Otherwise very poor. The original (SD) though weaker on the flat than inclined, still worked.

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  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    T92 looks soooooo sexy

  4. SpottableSky says:

    The T92 i Have a Miniscule Cock’s wreck will actually look good after killing it.

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