Hungarian Q&A answers by Karika – part 1


Hello everyone and thank you for all of your questions! You actually asked more than I thought you would, but I enjoyed answering them nonetheless. I even learnt some new things 😉

I grouped the similar questions together to avoid too much repetition. I also corrected the misspelling and some grammar mistakes in the questions if you don’t mind.

In this first part I’ll answer the questions about the possible Hungarian branch or tech tree. In the next part, we’ll take a look in the general Hungarian tank related matters, alongside with the questions about the two Hungarian tanks already implemented in WoT.
Q: What kind of lines we would potentially see on Hungarian tech tree? (medium, heavy, light or TDs?)

Q: How many lines are going to be available?

Q: So, how should the Hungarian tech tree should look like?

Q: Will we see the little-known but beloved Hungarian low-profile tank destroyers in the tree? Such as the Tas rohamlöveg, 44M Zrinyi I and variants of the Toldi rohamlöveg. If yes, what is the likelihood of a 2-10 full line?

A: At the moment, there are two incomplete lines, a light/medium line up to tier 7 and a tank destroyer line which either ends at tier 4 or at tier 5, depending on how historically accurate the Szebeny tank destroyer proposal (Nimród 80) would be added (if it would be added at all).

In addition, the fate of the Tas rohamlöveg is yet to be decided. If WG decides to add it even though its historical authenticity issues, it can be balanced anywhere between tier 6-8. I’ll talk about the details in later answers.


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WZ-131G FT Supertest Stats


Supertest stats for the Chinese Tier 6 tank destroyer.

Tier: 6

Hit Points: 550

Weight: 20.660t

Engine Power: 430hp

Power to Weight: 20.81 hp/t

Speed: +50/-18 kph

Hull Traverse: 36 deg/sec

Gun Traverse: 41.7 deg/sec

Terraine Resistance: 1.005/1.324/2.014

Hull Armor: 35/20/??mm

View Range: 350m

Signal Range: 600m Continue reading