15 comments on “Chrysler K Gameplay video ( April fools)

  1. alhambra117 says:

    You bugger Miz! Have a good one anyway.

  2. Celtic says:

    Dragged my butt through the door at 430am exhausted, sat down to unwind a bit before sleep. Completely forget it’s not the 31st anymore. “Oooo! Leaked foota- ….. ….son of a b-” LOL. Well played.

  3. BDKnut says:

    Ah ah … well played, completely forgot the “Day” …

  4. heldermartins1 says:

    Goddamn these Rick Rolls stuff!! Forgot it was April’s 1st… Nicely done!

  5. HESHbrown says:

    felt something was wrong when i clicked and saw the vid was only 28 seconds long. . . well played

  6. Noidea says:

    April fools AF! haha

  7. G99 says:

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhh nice 1

  8. SpikeTank says:

    Jokes on you friend, i love this tune!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    jokes on you, i like this song

  10. Jonathan Jung says:


  11. jetcannon says:

    Bitch XD

  12. Mizutayio says:

    I hope you took this with a bit of humor 😀 Don’t worry won’t do it again in the next 364 days, i promise 😉

    Seriously though, this is the only day in the year where i can do this and where nobody would really get angry at me for doing it 😀

  13. Worldatwar2 says:

    It’s 2 April, and even thought there was a warning, I still clicked it expecting the Chrysler K gameplay 😀

  14. Anonymous says:

    Nice song 🙂

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