8 thoughts on “9.18 Armor Model Changes

  1. SpottableSky says:

    IMO the armor models of arties and lights are non-important since obviously they can be penned by everything. The Obj 430 II’s cupolas seem to have gotten a huge buff in armor. Atleast it has terrible gun dep with trash hull armor. Mean while T-34-3 is still not in HD and in need of an armor buff. Preferally the thin turret roof armor and UFP


    1. Mecha_ says:

      Lmao the hull on the Obj. 430 II is god tier at sidescraping and the hull being so flat and low many times can bounce silly shots. I loved 3 marking that beast. For me its just even better.


  2. Blade says:

    I lol’ed when I saw the BT-SV, seriously. I didn’t think the HD changes would do much for it but of course, Russian what was I thinking.


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