WGL EU Finals 2016 Easter egg on Cliff

Hello everyone, it is rather calm this evening, so that’s why i want to share an easter egg on the Cliff map found by Ion7 on the RsR Discord Server ( Link to it here)


This easter egg can be found on the Hill at E3/E4.

The Trivia for this easter egg goes as followed. In the WGL EU Finals 2016, on the last battle with NAVI vs. Hellraisers the Hellraisers player Applewow fell off the hill and got stuck on some rocks which meant a loss for Hellraisers. Quite amusing for the people watching, not very much for Hellraisers and Applewow.

WGL EU Finals 2016 Easter egg on Cliff

13 thoughts on “WGL EU Finals 2016 Easter egg on Cliff

  1. Quaksen says:

    A perfect example of how to throw away $75.000, but get a special sign on a map in World of Tanks. (He got stuck in a Champions Rumble match too, on Ghost Town, but they did end up winning that, at least…)


  2. Its almost like being the fat kid and getting a participation award LMFAO

    Saw this a while back shortly after they released a very small patch that added that sign there. I think the patchnotes said “Small change to Cliff so be weary of falling apples” and thus some people instantly loaded up some training rooms and found it.


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