12 comments on “Ultimate Dragrace.

  1. newbyclive says:

    And i gotta say the was interesting to watch

  2. SMGJohn says:

    LOL that audio quality, reminds me of 1920s

  3. Daryl says:

    Lol… Great use of tax payers money, govt departments don’t ever change

    • Uuuhhh says:

      If they were gonna waste the money then they should’ve at least gotten better quality.

      • Synvy (Tea) says:

        It requires quite advanced equipments to reliably record those low to mid frequency ambient noise especially in open environments. Well diesel is cheap anyway

    • says:

      Since there’s no conscription there they should advertise themselves like other companies and showing huge frightening military hardware and burning incredible amount of fuel is the best kind of advertisement.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. wolvenworks says:

    so in short the Christie M1931 still hold the record for fastest tank

    Popsci covered it back then in 1931

  6. PlayR says:

    Both tanks are slow like shit.

  7. Jesper says:

    Stridswagn 122 (Leo 2) is actually one of the fastest tank, so… It goes 70 km/h on even very soft terrain. 98% hit rate when aiming for moving targets – even if it is in motion itselves, so… Slow – and not deadly? I dont think so…

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