The Tiger Collection Exhibition


From the tank  museum Bovington.

In a world first, The Tank Museum has brought together every member of the Tiger Tank family together in one display: The Tiger Collection – The Tanks, The Terror & The Truth.

The Tiger Collection exhibition is now open, 2017-2019. Find out more…

13 comments on “The Tiger Collection Exhibition

  1. isn’t the only running Tiger II in france?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes it is in Saumur Museum.
    Too bad they couldn’t get a Sturmtiger to complete their collection…

  3. Generic Tank says:

    Minus the Sturmtiger… ): Still really impressive collection.

  4. Generic Tank says:

    Minus sturmtiger

  5. That spinning of the Sturmtiger had a WoT garage background. Sturmtioger confirmed tier 11?

  6. Escudoturbo says:

    I got an advance viewing of this collection and it has got the fun from a Sturmtiger on display – still an impressive item when not attached to a vehicle

  7. heldermartins1 says:

    Wasnt the Sturmtiger an easter egg, inside a barrack, in Severogorsk…?

  8. Ion7 says:

    Besides the Ferdinand’s, are there any original porche tigers left?

  9. captin the classic says:

    bovington repainted their porsche tiger 2 and jagdtiger ? intredasting…

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