9.18 Release Dates


Quick post to start the day,

The release dates for update 9.18 have been released (assuming everything runs smoothly), so far”

NA Servers– April 18th

RU Servers– April 26th-27th

Asia Servers– May 4th


Oddly enough, no specific EU server date has been released, but we’ll make sure to update as soon as it becomes known.

35 comments on “9.18 Release Dates

  1. Uuuhhh says:

    Awesome, can’t wait for the downfall of arty :0

  2. DeadArashi says:

    ughh, can’t believe they actually want to push the patch onto live server in the state it’s in. No idea what the balance team is smoking to think that’s a good idea but I want in on it

  3. James k says:

    This is a first…. NA first huh. I wonder if that is a trial run as we are the smallest player population. Let us work out the bugs/issues a week before the rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alternatively, one might look at it as a strike against Armored Warfare. Push the patch that people have wanted for years only two days before the announced date of a competitor’s last-ditch effort to revive their game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually World of Tanks Asia has the smallest population and is left out from the update until may forth

  4. SiChuan says:

    What is this?
    “Let’s let the NA plebs try out the shitty over-nerfed LTs first, if they don’t complain, we then give them to EU and RU.”

  5. Klompert says:

    On armoredpatrol the relase date for RU and EU-server is equal.

  6. Patata Caliente says:

    Why the rush? I have a feeling Wargaming might make a mistake here – they have changed all light tanks in the 11th hour, which to me amounts to a complete reversal of the all new light tank role they had in mind, and now they only had a couple more days of testing?! I think it might be a good idea to give this more thought.

    • dinepada says:

      I prefer that, before in past patches we have to wait a lot for almost nothing it is the first time the push an update at reasonable speed, even it is buggy(happens always even after waiting 8 months for a new thing in this game) because Wg

      • DeadArashi says:

        there’s a difference between “buggy” and “destroying two classes because they weren’t properly tested”. Simple matter is 9.18 is not ready for the live server. It’s not a matter of how fast they can push it out, it’s how well the balance is when they push it out.

        When WG doesn’t want LT to have more fire power so the reduce view range instead of removing gun rammer there’s an issue. What’s a tier 10 LT meant to scout when HTs have better view range then them? Light Tanks now have no scout ability compared to MT… or fire power… or armor. Now they only have camo and mobility. A useless class.

        SPG, you have 1 at tier 10 that can’t even damage some HTs, another that’s nearly at that point… and all of them have a severe reliance on your team mates to pull their heads out their ass and shoot something for you to be able to make any decent amount of profit… if any at all. There are poles that are unanimous in decision that they would rather be one-shot by arty over being stunned.

        So I will say again, 9.18 is so far from being balance that it should never have even left the Sandbox yet

  7. Shadowhunter says:

    Is WG seriously going to continue with the retarded nerfs to the light tanks? Seriously, even a Pershing can technically out spot a 13 105 with 390m view range if u dont take into account the camo value, and its 2 fking tiers lower ! With 9.18, lights won’t be able to spot now cause even same tier heavies have better view range, which is complete BS in my opinion

    • Nafre says:

      You don’t get it. The previous view range allowed lights to buff their firepower close to a medium and still maintain good view range. Now you have to pick power or view range. It’s prefect. I support this. You’ll have light tanks that help the team with view range and selfish tanks that want to do damage and don’t care for the team

      • DeadArashi says:

        or, you know, they could have just removed gun rammers from LT to stop them buffing their fire power?

      • Shadow hunter says:

        What I’m saying is that the role of a light tank is to help with spotting enemies for the team and give then an upper hand. But now, you would technically do way better scouting in a medium or even a heavy tank than a same tier light tank if you do not consider factoring in their mobility and camp. And with the firepower nerfs, the lights can’t even defend themselves against other tanks. So what does WG wants light tank drivers to do ? Pray that they get malinovka or prokorovka, get into a bush and sit there the entire battle hoping you do not get spotted ? How is anyone going to enjoy such gameplay ? Also, since the bulldog’s clip has been changed to 6 shells, the t71 outclasses it as it can reload more than 10 seconds quicker

  8. Anonymous says:

    Releasing the patch on the 18th for NA might be a strike against Armored Warfare. Push the patch with content that people have wanted for years only two days before the announced date of a competitor’s last-ditch effort to revive their game. Yeah, Armored Warfare might be dead anyway, but it might be an issue of “better safe than sorry”.

  9. Bring back Wt E100 says:

    Tier 10 Ligths are pretty much useless after the view range and dpm nerf.. only thing for them is the mobility but not worth… And the most cynical thing about this patch is that wg wanted to make arty less painful…. but instead they made it even more annoying to get hit by that shit.. I can hide behind a house and arty hits the house on the other side and I get still stunned… f*** you wg.

  10. kingtrygon says:

    If they release the 9.18 with that awful micropatch there is going to be an uproar.

  11. Pangzhu says:

    What are you guys smoking… all i hear is “they destroyed artillery” – no they didn’t. SPGs will now be much more reliable damage dealers and get XP for being even more annoying with their stun shit. yes you will do less damage on heavy tanks, but you will hit the heavy tank all the time. Not to talk about medium tanks and light tanks, which you will devastate while being more accurate and reliable.
    Was definitely more enjoyable to play SPG on CT, but playing against it… Awful gaming experience…

    Anyways. I perceive this as a crazy buff to SPGs and don’t understand how you could see it as anything else, but it doesn’t really matter, since clearly, alot of players hate the patch as it is now.

    I really had high hopes that WG would come to their senses and at least remove the stun feature, or that the forum outrage would have changed their minds, but… alas this will go live in the miserable state it is in and it will suck… Could still go like Rubicon and get shafted, but i have no more hope left.

    Just returned to the game after a break from the last time they screwed over the community and might have to take a break again until this shit gets sorted out…

  12. Infernal969 says:

    Yay, another rushed patch. Those always end well.
    But on the other hand, the game was never as broken as it is now, so who cares if it gets worse at this point.

    • Nafre says:

      It’s a good change. Arty will be useful again and will want to support the team instead of picking the weak tanks and ignoring the cluster of heavies. You don’t like stun (not a real stun just a little hamper on your crew) then you use the med kit and use spall liner. And finally lights will stop being a nuisance like they are

      • DeadArashi says:

        “useful”… I would say removing 1,000 health off a Maus is more useful then dealing 200 and stunning it for 15 sec where the only noticeable difference is a 2 sec longer reload.

  13. SpottableSky says:

    Oh please not that terrible LT nerf making it to the live server please no

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the latest edition is released after a special rest of Japan (April 29 – May 7).

  15. Brett Brakefield says:

    Everyone bitching about the nerf to LTs seems to forget they RETAIN THEIR CAMO ON THE MOVE! Honestly, want some tissues, and some cheese with that whine?

    SPGs can now actually hit things reliably, and LTs no longer feel like alternate mediums, rather challenging tanks to play. Have all of my yes on this!

    Except this one; why in the world are we NA players the first to test it this time? Usually, RU are the guinea pigs. o.O;

    • Nafre says:

      I agree with you. And lights can still get great view range or better firepower but not both. Compromise and crews matter more.
      The staggered release seems puzzling but alas I’ll ignore knowing that others get it before me and it won’t affect me. Simples

    • Shadow hunter says:

      Light tanks always had kept their camp while moving for a very long time. Everyone knows that. But they managed to Nerf the LTS view range so much that you would be better scouting in a same tier Mt or even a heavy than a light tank if you do not factor in their camp and mobility

      • Shadow hunter says:

        Light tanks always had kept their camp while moving for a very long time. Everyone knows that. But they managed to Nerf the LTS view range so much that you would be better scouting in a same tier Mt or even a heavy than a light tank if you do not factor in their camo
        and mobility

  16. Charcharo says:

    NA is first because Easter will affect RU and a part of EU playerbases…

  17. Tiggix says:

    It will be 26th April 😉

  18. Getoveryourself says:

    I just wish someone could explain why SEA is always so Damn slow to get patches?

  19. Jordan Totov says:

    on worldof-tanks.com write
    Release date of update 9.18:

    – The release date on the EU – April 18th
    – Released on RU – April 26-27th
    – Released on Asia – May 4th

  20. Carlos says:

    One of the things I considered most ridiculous, was the nerff in the alpha damage of the light tanks, just ridiculous. A long time I say, that guns of equal caliber must cause the same damage, that is balance!

  21. siralexice says:

    Of course there is no news about the updated on the EU servers, those community managers are utter retards.

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