11 comments on “Follow up to Gold Found in captured Iraqi Tank.

  1. Akina90 says:

    I might be picky, but T-54 and Type 69 isn’t the same, it’s like OF-40 is not a Leopard 1.

  2. Steve says:

    Something feels very fake about the cameraman commentary.

  3. wot121 says:

    No wonder every T54 is a gold spammer.

  4. unable2pwn says:

    Under Common Law (dont know if UK uses that idea) it should belong to the collector

    • WarHound says:

      Under international law it’s gold looted from Kuwait.

      • wremisekrummels says:

        under german law, after some time then real owner couldnt be vertify, the gold belongs to the owner… but dont know how it is in the great britania

    • Steve says:

      Stolen gold, or money, remains stolen, else you’d have thieves robbing banks then claiming to have ‘found’ the money. But the idea they initially thought there were guns hidden inside the fuel tank deserves a level of incredulity, why would anybody hide a machine gun in a war, they are ‘two a penny’? And I think for even well spoken people there would have been some expletives of surprise at finding bars of gold, when it all appears matter of fact, and they very quickly decide they have found all of the bars when tanks have many other hiding places. Just saying.

      • alhambra117 says:

        It stands to reason that, if you’ve stored a fuckload of ammo in a tank, you’d hide the guns where you could easily retrieve them and nobody would think to look. At least that’s my opinion.

  5. Zoldnersaur says:

    Me tell no one. Me keep gold.

  6. Paglia says:

    Objects found belongs to the original owner if and only if that owner express interest to get its property back. In Canada, it’s usually a year after the discovery. Hence why the authorities gave them a notice acknowledging the fact they found it (to be able to give it back to them if the real owner does not show up in time)

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