Real Armour Compilation



I’ve decided to throw something together for your enjoyment:

These are some of the clips of what my life in the past 12 months (and a bit).

Every opportunity and friendships collected along the way happened because the constant support from you, the community for the past years and I couldn’t be more thankful. You have enriched my life and because of that I’ve decided to keep RSR running for you with a good team of lads, I will keep on being involved and more now as well.

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People, Events and Tank places in the video:

-And special thanks to every private armour owner who drove or allowed me to drive their vehicles.

Again, thank you for your support.

Rita Sobral

14 comments on “Real Armour Compilation

  1. Siergen says:

    I am so jealous…

  2. Captain Murica says:

    get to Texas if you want to drive and fire a tank.

  3. That was the most gangster, tank related video I have ever seen. They should have reprimanded you the moment you took your hands off the controls at 2:07. haha, really fun video to watch!

  4. El Diablo says:

    Rita, what has happened to FV3805? Is she still being worked on? Will she ever steam off under her own power?

  5. subjectone1 says:

    damn cool video!

  6. Joe Blobdob says:

    Great vid.

  7. wolvenworks says:

    heh shame there’s not many tanks in jakarta. all we got is a M5 Stuart and an AMX 13 in the museum, and they’re still on the process of replacing the AMX13 with Leopard 2s…..

  8. wellyesorno says:

    Looked like lots of fun.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Into tanks, and wearing a Punisher t-shirt. Surely the definition of the ideal woman? 😉

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