WoT- 60G FT Supertest Stats

Preliminary stats for the Tier 5 Chinese tank destroyer:

Tier: 5

Hit Points: 380

Engine Power: 430hp

Weight: 26t

Power-to-Weight: 16.54

Max. Speed: +45/-18 kph.

Hull Traverse: 35 deg./sec.

Gun Traverse: 45.9 deg/sec.

Terrain Resistance: 1.055/1.342/2.014

Hull Armor: 25/20/??mm

View Range: 340m

Signal Range: 600m


Gun: 85mm 62-85TG FT

Penetration: 145/220/43mm

Damage: 180/180/300

DPM: 2125.1

Rate-of-Fire: 11.806

Reload: 5.802 sec.

Accuracy: .364

Aim Time: 1.92 sec.

Depression: -8


WoT- 60G FT Supertest Stats

19 thoughts on “WoT- 60G FT Supertest Stats

  1. Fake or not, they sure look interesting and i’d like to play them. Sadly due to the whiny nature of the community WG doesn’t even bother to introduce them to the EU, RU, NA and SEA market. Really a shame, but hey, when some players criticise every single thing WG does then i would do the same. Sure, WG screws up a lot, but they get way to much hate, there are devs who do twice as much shit and get much less hate. EA for exemple.

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    1. I myself do not want to see more fake things based on nothing but, let’s say, a line in an official report that “It would be nice if we make this sometime”. Although I doubt that these Chinese stuff even hit this low bar of criteria.
      Adding doubious or outright fake tanks like these Chinese TDs to all of the servers would open the floodgates to any fantasy tanks IMO, like the E100 Krokodil, the E79 or even worse. This isn’t what this game needs. Especially since there are dozens and dozens of historical vehicles yet to be added.

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      1. So you’re saying you have gone through every Chinese archive and can confirm with 100% certainty that all these TDs are fake? That no proposals, design plans or planned modifications of captured/bought tanks exist?

        And since you want to bring up fake tanks: FV215b, T110E4, T28, T28 Proto, T25/2, VK72.01K, PzKpfw VII, E75 turret, E100 is using the Maus II turret… and that’s just listing a few off the top of my head without touching on tanks that have had their armor changed greatly from what’s historically documented

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      2. karchikago says:

        To answer your question, obviously no. That is just a speculation on my side. But I said that.

        Although, let me ask you a question then. What do you think, why did WG state multiple times that these TDs are most likely only come on a the chinese server? Why would they limit the audience of an ‘authentic’ TD line?


      3. Infernal969 says:

        Yeah, give us more fake shit! This is exactly what this game needs! Fuck balance! Fuck fixing p2w! Need more tanks!


      4. Because WG China is its own entity that work outside of WG RU, WG NA, WG EU and WG ASIA, THAT’s why it’s not coming to other servers and thats why the Chinese server already has the Chieftain and can even buy tier 10 CW reward tanks.

        And WG RU has stated that there would be no new tank lines this year while they work to finally fix the game, so the fact that WG China are bring in a new tank line futher shows that they do what they want with no relation to the other servers…

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      5. Charcharo says:

        Fake stuff are easier to balance. And these designs are logical. I dont know if they existed, but at least so far they make sense, tank building wise (for the Chinese at the time).

        I want Chinese tanks. I would prefer them to be real designs or prototypes or napkin tanks. From what I know, China had a real possible second heavy and TD line.


      6. Akina90 says:

        First of all, all developing chinese TDs by KongZhong/WG are fake.

        And the design are not logical either, the PRC has about zero capability on tank modifications until USSR taught them how to build T-34s and T-54A, and since PRC hasn’t go back to the concept of casemate TDs until the Type 89 at the 1980s. (To be more accurate, Type 89 was made to test their 120mm smoothbore, but PRC found is easier to adopt the technology of Soviet’s 125mm as USSR was breaking down in the early 90s)

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    2. "Light" tank-player says:

      I don’t want them because they are better than any other TD at their tiers until this one.
      No new seal clubber tanks thanks very much.
      It seems like they are the best just because they are Chinese tanks meant for the Chinese server, so they have to be better than anything else.

      P.S. I would much prefer Jap. TDs anyway, historical AND interesting 🙂


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