19 comments on “WoT- WZ111 5A Supertest Renders

  1. I can see why this is not the current tier 10 heavy for the Chinese tech tree. The 113 is a lot more unique.

  2. Ragnarokbazil says:

    And this beast is better then the is7 sometimes I wonder they might replace the 113

    • Jonathan VL says:

      I don’t know if you are new but the cupolas are thinner than the front and the last time i checked the IS-7 didn’t have cupolas nor did it have a lower plate as thin as this

      • Ragnarokbazil says:

        As dose the type 5 as the e100 has a police bar you don’t see them complaining..hell this wz isn’t that bad id like it to be part of the techtree you got monsters like type 5 to keep it in check so id say bring it in.

  3. Charcharo says:

    The reason the 113 replaced the WZ-111 5A is because the 113 is simply a more unique vehicle.
    From what I know though, both WZ-111 5A and 113 are somewhat real ideas. Somewhat.

    I remember there was an idea to make 2x Chinese heavy trees. One with an upgraded 112 and 113 and one with the WZ-111 4 and WZ-111 5A

    I want that +

  4. yingyu0502 says:

    alright, chiese td and light tanks soon here, when is the release of arty line? any clue?

    • Mizutayio says:

      we’re not gonna get the Chinese TDs ( at least not in Wargamings current plan) as they were designed by Kongzhong for the chinese version of WoT only. So unless a LOT of people demand the chinese TDs, which are very likely very fake, we’re not gonna see them anywhere else.

  5. SirNopp says:

    As I have said the previous post, I’m pretty sure this is the supposed Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank when the line was first introduced but since people didn’t like the fact this is better than the IS-7 in many ways, WG took it out and put in the 113 instead, which is why the line feels weird going from a 130mm gun heavish tank to a medium-heavy hybird that is the 113. Sorry I need attention whoops

  6. dddzxc says:

    This tank use 130mm gun .Ridiculous, none of four WZ111 (WZ111, WZ111T, 111 1-4, this) in WOT has the historical gun (60-122).

  7. Charcharo says:

    More info on this tank and a possible 2nd line :

  8. Psychopatton says:

    Wishes the T-34-3 would get the same hd treatment when it’s finally due. Along side with buffs ofc.

    • Charcharo says:

      T-34-3 needs buffs to its side. Its side can be overmatched from 150mm guns, whilst the Type 59’s cant.
      Even 60mm of side armor will help the T-34-3 a lot.

      • Psychopatton says:

        The gun need some love too. 150 more horses would not be unwelcome either. But the gun is most important for me. It’s so unstable. Combine that with sluggish mobility and I hate the tank.

    • T-34-2 really need some love aswell.. worst tier 8 med by far.. even worst tier 8 out of all classes really.. T-34-3 is much better but still not that good

  9. Mario Scalas says:

    Please “help” the IS-7 instead of creating new and better clones for the chinese!

    • sfcstorm says:

      Only baddies cannot drive and own in the IS7. It is so insanely OP when you hide its lower its not even funny. It literally has 490mm armir everywhere when you cover its lower and not one spot to overmatch.

  10. we need new maps not new tanks really… this game getting so f*** boring.. and when they finally release new maps they are utterly shit -.-

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dumb T H I C C

  12. T HOUND T says:

    Such models only on consoles, sad but true.

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