WoT: WZ-111 Model 5A Detailed Stats


Quick post, just some more detailed stats for the Chinese Tier X heavy in supertest:


Tier: 10

Hit Points: 2200

Weight: 50t

Engine Power: 750hp

Power to Weight Ratio: 15

Max. Speed: +50/-15 kph

Hull Traverse: 36 deg/sec

Turret Traverse: 27.1 deg/sec

Terrain Resistances: 1.055/1.151/2.397

Hull Armor: 140/120/??mm

Turret Armor: 300/180/??mm

View Range: 400m

Signal Range: 750m


Gun: 130mm 59-130TA

Penetration: 244/340/65mm

Damage: 490/490/640

Accuracy: .374

Aim Time: 3.07 sec

Reload: 9.493 sec

Rate of Fire: 6.32

Damage Per Minute: 3097

Elevation/Depression: +23/-10 deg.


39 comments on “WoT: WZ-111 Model 5A Detailed Stats

  1. Charcharo says:

    And it doesnt even have a choice to use its Y174 122mm gun.

    I want this to happen:
    – split the Chinese heavy branch at tier 8
    – introduce new WZ-111 5A as tier 10 after the WZ-111 1-4
    – introduce 112 (Mod.1962) as a new tier 9 tank and 113 as a tier 10 of the secondary branch


  2. Anton says:

    112 (Mod.1962)?

    • Charcharo says:

      An upgraded 112. Same way the WZ-111 1-4 is technically 4 versions of upgrades for the WZ-111 projects ( I think?).

      That way you will have 2 “historical” prems- WZ-111 and 112 and their upgraded versions on a higher tier(s).

  3. Renarde_Martel says:

    …how does this get -10 depression? Magical Chinese Tank Fairies?

  4. WhiteBaron777 says:

    As if the is7 wasn’t enough of a power creep victim already

    • vombatti says:

      IS-7? try IS-4

      • WhiteBaron777 says:

        The is4 was bad since it was moved up to tier 10,nothing changed there over time

      • Havoc199 says:

        Is4 is still the best corner holding tank in the game period. Even after the Maus buff It is still better. The Maus gets shot in the turret every single time It wants to shoot. The only weakness on the is4 is the turret roof and if you angle well, wiggle and point your gun up between shots it is very hard to hit. It also has a decent enough gun and very good mobility for that level of armour.

        Is7 is still the best hulldown tank in the game. I really dont think there is any reason to explain why. It is obvious. The alpha is very nice and DPM isn’t actually that terrible. The gun handling is also not really as bad as it’s made out. Again for the level of armour the mobility is more than good enough.

        They may not be as exciting as they used to be. And against some of the new tanks or buffed tanks they feel lacklustre but that doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive.

        The only reason they aren’t used as much in clan wars etc is because they toe the line between armour gun and mobility. And in clan wars you always want tanks that excel in certain areas and then place those tanks in a situation where they are strongest.

    • Havoc199 says:

      What are you smoking…is4 is beastly still. So is the is7. Sure the is7 has fallen a bit behind due to powercreep but both tanks are easily viable.

      • WhiteBaron777 says:

        They’re still viable on their own, and can easily pull their weight in battle , however compared to other heavies, there’s not many reasons to chose them. They’re not the most versatile and they arguably have the worst guns of the bunch. They can’t do anything that at least 3 other heavies can’t do better, with the exception of the is7 being hull down of course

    • First thing I thought : it’s actually a better IS-7 in every aspect besides hull down and hull armor but gold pens it every time anyway so I’d rather have the mobility, the DPM and the gun depression of this + 340mm HEAT of course because balance reasons, right ? 😀

  5. Wiesel says:

    holy fuck :O 10° of gun depression angle??

  6. Blankman says:

    If this stat goes to live, this’d be one scary beast.. Hopefully this won’t go to live as is..

    • Ragnarokbazil says:

      Type 5 is the scariest what you talking about lol

    • I’m betting they’ll nerf the gun depression a bit. I mean I’d be much more than happy if it came with like 7 deg or even 6, let alone 10 !!!. Combine the mobility, the alpha, the HEAT pen, turret armor and ridge-ability of 10 deg of depression and just the sheer amount of shells you can sling in a minute. This is retarded. Where do I sign ?

  7. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    there is no goddamn way that thing has -10 depression with that fucking turret

  8. link says:

    Looks familiar,This thing (or something similar) was due to be the Chinese tier 10 heavy at 8.3 I believe, before they swapped it for the 113.

  9. Anonymous says:

    10° of gun depression? In a Chinese/Russian-style turret? Absurd.

  10. mattbrix02 says:

    Atleast it’s not a premium, and can be research by a pleb like me. 😀

  11. mredweird says:

    Man, those Chinese sure know how to make dem gun breeches 1/5th the size to get dem gun depressions. There is like … literally nothing behind that gun, I guess.

    • Soifon99 says:

      Nope, because it’s a pixel tank(aka not real).. they do not model the gun breach.

      This tank can have -15 depression if WG want to go banana’s

      • mredweird says:

        Of course it isn’t real, my point is they can make it at least somewhat believable. They gave the Achilles TD 5 degrees of gun depression because of the clip on the gun breech, even though the thing desperately needs 10, like the Hellcat. They will not give it -15 because that is 100% absurd, but -10 is just borderline illogical. It looks retarded, too.

  12. Statpadderlol says:

    Just found the old status for this tank in 8.2 (?) test server (in bracket is the new status):
    HP: 2400 (2200); Hull armor: 150/80/60 (140/120/?); Turret armor: 230/120/60 (300/180/?); ROF: 5 (6.32); Aiming time: 2.7s (3.07); Accuracy: 0.38 (0.374); And also seems like it has an 122mm gun as alternative… the rest is more or less the same. No idea on the depression angle…

  13. Seth Hill says:

    I love my Chinese tanks, I hope they make this happen.

  14. nrnstraswa says:

    A Chinese tank with good gun depression? YES PLEASE!

    • OpaKnobbi says:

      Ehm, no – because it would be just wrong!

      There’s absolutely no way a gun could depress that much in that typically Chinese superflat Turret. Just no room in there for the gun breech (which in case of that 130mm gun Wg uses maybe wouldn’t even fit in there at all!) To move up…

    • OpaKnobbi says:

      Furthermore I think it’s sad that wargaming seems to make all the tanks more and more equal in all their technical aspects. That’s especially true in case of gun depression,in my opinion way too much tanks had been buffed up regarding this, and it feels like most new newly released tanks are getting 10° as well.

      Please WG, keep the tanks and tank branches different and more unique from each other in terms of technical aspects! Chinese tanks (and most Russians as well) really shouldn’t be able to have good gun depression,they have other things going for them and as I said – from a technical point of view it would be just wrong!

  15. le3ky says:

    View range 400 m, more that tier 10 lights in 9.18

  16. Sleipnir_793 says:

    @ HAVOC199: https://youtu.be/63GvdkELeFE?t=1m16s just a little reminder for your IS-4 love

  17. I’m wondering if they’re not simulating some kind of hydraulic suspension work like the STB-1 with that 10 deg of depression… With this kind of turret this is retarded lol. Gameplay-wise I’m betting they’ll nerf it a bit. All those stats and 10 deg of depression you’d be the king of the ridge all day spamming HEAT shells every 8 sec-something. I’d be more than happy to get like 7 deg depression.

  18. Lafie says:


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