8 comments on “9.18 HD/SD Model Comparison

  1. nrnstraswa says:

    Looking good! I really like the A-44 in HD.

  2. AK wot says:

    Can they pllzzzzz do STB-1 HD ????

  3. It’s good that they are doing a lot of lower tier vehicles. Those are the models that new players will see and make the decision if this game is worth it or not.

    • Synvy (Tea) says:

      Unlikely a criteria. Most people with their first thousand games usually cares nothing but KV, Tigers, IS or just want to play bigger tanks, having low tier HDs are a great but definitely not a deciding factor when being stomped by sealclubbers

      • I think we both said it in our own ways, catering to new players is simply a plus for the game. I choose my words carefully enough so that I did not say that it was the sole reason/criteria why players join. It just plainly helps encourage them to stay. My apologies if I gave you the wrong impression.

        You also choose your words well. “Unlikely a criteria” and “usually cares nothing but” does not exclude the possibility of outliers. Nothing you said was necessarily wrong so it is pleasant to read a reply from a writer who knows how to cover their bases 🙂

  4. Bricktop says:

    It’s so dumb these little shitters got hd models but not bat chat or stb lol

  5. Alex Knight says:

    Anyone know roughly how many tanks are waiting for the HD skin ? My guess is 100-150-ish.

    • Darmorque says:

      It’s about 75 tanks, depending how do you count and how WG will handle some of them. 75 without all these tanks, that are no longer in game client, like Domination/Rampage rental vehicles and those that were already replaced by different ones, BUT including some vehicles present in game client, yet still not available in game – it’s about 8-10 vehicles, I”m not 100% sure about (un)availability of some of them. For example chinese Alpine Tiger – it’s present in game files, but it’s availability in game seems to be server-dependant. The total number may be even lower if WG will use one model for two versions of the same vehicle (like KV-220-2 and KV-220-2-B). They usually do, but who knows.

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