WoT Console- May Overview


Outside of prep for update 9.18, there’s not too much going on in the WoT department. However, the console team has released another monthly overview, this time for the month of May.

It’s mostly premium tanks. The charity packages are nice though.

“Vengance” T25 and “Huntsman” Centurion

Well, not ones to be topped by PCs attempt to beat players over the head with patriotism, WoT Console will see the release of the T25 Tier 8 premium with a new perma camo.


As well as a (presumably) Tier premium Centurion. This one advertised as part of the “heavy metal” line of premium tanks.


The Centurion seems a bit of a wasted opportunity. How cool would a Korean War or post-war European paint job have been? Especially with the otherwise semi-historically inspired “Heavy Metal” tanks.


American Dream- Earn Op

Full details haven’t been released yet, but a new Earn Op is coming up. This one will cover all tiers and feature several tiers of prizes. The two announced prizes so far are the M22 Locust and the M4A2E4 (with Ripper paintjob).

Hopefully WG is learning their lessons from previous earn ops and handing out prizes based on player skill, rather than handing out otherwise pricey Tier 8 premiums to everyone. The operation is mentioned as covering all nations and Tiers 3-10, so hopefully the usual player fatigue of seeing a single nation or tank flooding MM for two weeks can be avoided.


Military Appreciation Month & Valor Charity Event

Through the month, WG will also be holding a couple of charity events.

First off is a new “Valor” emblem, net proceeds of which will go to the National Military Family Association. For more info on them, click here.


As well as that, to celebrate VE and Memorial Day, WG is offering the following emblems and inscriptions, as well as 3x XP on first victories of the day:

Premium Sales

Not for any particular event, the following premiums will be on sale during the month:







Pz.IV Hydrostat




Desert Emblems

Late in the month we’re also getting a few new desert unit emblems. These will be available through June as well.

8 comments on “WoT Console- May Overview

  1. CounterMAN says:

    that digital camo on Centurion actually look cool

  2. alhambra117 says:

    Don’t forget they’ve announced female crew, crew customisation and national crew voices for June. Minor change hopefully leading to new gun sounds this year

  3. Moshpit400 says:

    I love the look of the new Centurion personally, I just hope the stats don’t ruin it for me.

  4. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    Yay yet another American flag tank can’t wait (Wink Wink) otherwise not bad

  5. Anonymous says:

    Still nothing to do with balancing the tier 10 TD’s then? Typical WG, money money money, stuff gameplay.

    It would be good if WG could do something to actually keep people playing and get new players, the frequent monthly player numbers have been steady at 122k, but they’ve actually dropped from 155k in Jan Feb time.

  6. Tyrud says:

    I like those desert emblems. Here’s hoping it might get brought to PC one day.

  7. MadPixelPusha says:

    The digital camo looks cool but what is that 21st-century CADPAT-inspired camo doing on a mid-century tank? What makes it belong with the other HMHs? Does HMH just mean perma camo and an arbitrary black emblem? I don’t get it.

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