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Good day all,

While you all are finally getting your hands on update 9.18, WG has announced plans to begin supertesting features for 9.19. Here’s a quick recap of what will be tested:

Ranked Battles

A new mode exclusively for Tier X tanks. The game modes are essentially the same as Standard Battles, though individual effort will be better rewarded.


Teams will be pulled together from players of similar rank (+1/-1), though the matchmaker will get more lenient if it begins to take too long to get into a battle. Both teams will always have the same number of players of the same rank.


To rank up, you will need to be in the Top 12 by XP earned on the winning team, or the Top 3 on the losing team. As you progress, you’ll earn chevrons, with a larger amount of chevrons needed as the ranks go up. After 1st and 5th ranks your progress will be saved, preventing you from falling back too far if you have a bad streak of games.

(Note: The test version of Ranked Battles will have a shortened chevron requirement for ranks)



Ranked battles will be divided into sessions. First session will be 7 days long and progress will be reset at the beginning of each session. Progress from the previous session will go to a leader board. Rewards will be based on total progress at the end of 28 days.


A new currency will be available in Ranked Battles, Bonds. Bonds can not be purchased with Gold or Credits, but are earned at the end of a season. This new currency can be used to buy personal reserves to boost crew skills or equipment to boost vehicle parameters.

So far Ranked Battles will be the only way to earn Bonds, though WG is looking other ways to earn them after 9.19.


Interface Changes

Some new UI changes will also be coming.:

  • A “Strategic Operations” tab that lists all available missions available for the vehicles in your garage.
  • A “Tactical Operations” tab listing specials, events, and missions (with chained missions being brought together for easier navigation).
  • A third tab will be available for full info on marathons, events, etc.
  • As well as a new specials tab in the in-game store.



Test timeline is as follows:

General Test- May 4th

Common Test- May 11th

RU Release- Sometime at the end of May


26 comments on “9.19 Supertest

  1. Seth Hill says:

    I’d like to see being able to use bonds to buy “reward” tanks. WG could have a selection of special reward tanks available that one can be selected to buy for X number of bonds. Not knowing the rate of earning bonds I can’t make a suggestion as to how much the tanks should be sold for.

  2. rubberboas says:

    Holy shit another tier x only mode.

    • That’s where all the non-terribad usually hang. Anything below tier 8 is a dark and scary place filled with people with godawful stats and a few fake blunicum statpadders. I free XP my way up there now. I can’t even.

  3. Charcharo says:

    Is WZ-111 5A part of a new line or another BS CW award tank?
    Will the 112 model 1963 Tier 9 come to make this new mini line possible?

    • These are asia server questions. Nothing definite has been said about any of those tanks. Also, judging by your questions, you wouldn’t like anyone’s answer on the matter. So save them the trouble of having to answer you and just return your cold corner to grovel about how there is no sunshine in the world.

  4. DeadArashi says:

    Would rather see a continuation of 9.18 LT and SPG changes with 9.19 bringing a re-balance to the rest of the classes.

    Neither this nor Frontlines seems that important in comparison. 9.19 to me is a bit lackluster.

    Going along with it (because it’s apparent WG don’t really care for negative opinions) I feel there should two types of Ranked Battles; tier 10 and tier 8 – no premium tanks allowed

  5. Charcharo says:

    A buff to light tanks would be amazing 😛

    • CloneSociety says:

      The theory I’ve heard floating around is that the lights were nerfed to minimize their affect on the MLG finals. We’ll have to see what happens after those are wrapped up.

  6. Mikosah says:

    WG is really pushing hard for enthusiasm specifically at tier 10. But this tactic is flawed for two reasons. One is that only opening up these modes to just one tier is constricting the potential users to only a small percentage of the total playerbase. If the mode doesn’t have a strong following to start with, not likely to gain steam later on. The second is that the mode itself still relies on typical gameplay with no significant innovation. This alone does not make good motivation to grind.

    • Fyoutoo says:

      They are trying to resolve the problems with end-game play, so you have a bunch of T10’s now what? People with top tiers are dedicated and invested players that they are desperate to keep as it is always more economical to keep a good customer than find one.

      1. A lot of experienced players with lots of top tiers hate what clam warts has turned into. They are trying to give them an outlet instead of them getting bored and leaving.

      2. This also gives an outlet to those who have a lot of end game tanks but either detest clans, or prefer to play with a smaller group of friends.

      When you have a crap load of top tier vehicles, what is there to compete for any more if you don’t like the clam warts???

    • jacke4913 says:

      Yeah, there’s a lot of crap to be sorted out with what’s wrong with 9.18 before WG should shoot itself in the foot with a Tier 10-only mode that players at that Tier will play if it’s better than Random Battles or ignore, with ignore being the most likely.

      1. Sort out the relative characteristics of Tier 10 LT, MT, HT, TD.

      That knee-jerk nerf of the new Tier 10 LT view range was just wrong. Fixing it should be carefully thought out including all the Tier 10 vehicles, and even down in Tiers of them, as they all need to make sense between each other.

      2. Sort out Artillery.

      This is a guess, but I think it’s going to be true. WG has simultaneously changed artillery to be more of an irritant and less fun to play. I still think this is one way that War Thunder just got artillery right and that should be the solution. What WG will do about it is another matter. But again I think 9.18 fixes made things worse, not better.

      3. Reverse some of the stupid changes.

      First, give the VK28.01 the 105mm short-barrel gun back. In a game filled with silly outsized top guns on various tanks, what was really wrong with it?

      Second, change the Crusader back to a LT. As far as I can determine, it was used more like the earlier tanks in that UK tech tree branch than the later ones, so it should still be a LT.

      Third, change the USA M7 back to a MT. This was a tank that was an alternative to the M4 and would have bee used as it was.

      And as far as I can tell, no other stats of the Crusader or the M7 were changed with the swaps to MT and LT respectively. So all they affect in the game is there MM weight change (likely not much) and the crew type, which hurts both of them, as there were apt matching Premium Tanks for training in their previous versions but not now.

      • Shade01982 says:

        Shouldn’t their MM weight be exactly the same regardless of class since the last update? After all, that was basically the point of that update.

  7. Shadowhunter says:

    Asian server hasn’t even received the 9.18 patch yet and now WG announces 9.19

  8. So this is a good patch to answer all those mentally unstable players who keep crying for ranked pub matches. I’m just going to go off on a limb and say this will be really easy to rig after the first couple weeks when everyone stops playing it. Good thing they aren’t offering for players to farm bonds to buy overpowered reward tanks like a previous tier 10 game mode whose name shall not be said.

    • Shade01982 says:

      Well, the ranked battle mode worked fairly well in WoWs as far as I could tell, so I don’t see a very big issue with introducing something similar in WoT.

      • Hmm I certainly do not keep up to date with WoWs. If it works there, then perhaps it has merit. Just really worried the ranking system might exist to divide the existing community rather than attract new players. The two essentially are life and death for any new mode.

      • Shade01982 says:

        Well, exactly the same concerns were voiced when they introduced it in WoWs. Even though I have no knowledge of the actual numbers it doesn’t *seem* to have too big an effect. I think WoT with it’s superior numbers will be fine…

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